Friday, December 31, 2010

Four Seas Seafood Grill @ Bangkung, Bangsar

Frontage of the restaurant
I had an awesome dream ~chauffeur driven by 'Jeremy Clarkson' in his highly acclaimed Ford Mondeo. Beside me was a younger version of 'Nicole Kidman', side by side enjoying the ride and sightseeing along the beach front... And suddenly we found ourselves to be heading towards Bangsar. How'd it happened? All of a sudden a red coloured Ferrari pulled alongside and I was actually driving it. How'd it happened? LOL....Poooof ..... I was back to reality and all of it was just a dream. A wonderful dream and the only thing real about it was that we were really heading towards Bangsar. Hmm.... Deja vu....

This is a day to be cherished with both laughter and happiness. A day where we will be having our last supper with a close friend who will be leaving us for greener pasture abroad. All this is happening at 'Four Seas Seafood Grill @ Bangkung, Bangsar'.

Funky Interior
The Glass Tank
The interior of this place is breathtaking. It was like 'love at first sight'. Somehow I have always loved upmarket style with comfort and cleanliness, dining here would be as comfortable as lying on in bed. Cool indeed.

Coffin Bay Live Oyster
Traditional Chili Oz Mussels
Moules Mariniere Oz Mussels
Let's be a little adventurous for once. Instead of salads or soup for starters we had 'shells' instead. Big ones small ones whatever.... As you can see from the lovely pics above, who would not fall in love this Christmas? Everything's so perfect, so smooth, so relax, so delicious yet so cool. It's like listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Oh well Four Seas, Four Seasons, Four of a kind Four whatever...... Isn't she lovely???

Oven Baked Mulloway
..... with mushroom ragout, onion mint yogurt and beetroot crisps. Yeah that's it. I totally got it all right. And the adventure doesn't stop here. It may not look like any ordinary foodie that we will eat everyday but it does look pretty and when I sank my teeth into them, hell just broke loose. I could see 'Nicole Kidman' again. Chuckle.... Very amazing, very original, very odd looking stuff.... :)

Braised Wagyu Beef Cheeks
...... with mashed potato and gravy. So tender, so succulent, so delicious, so high in calories, so original, so 'there goes my diet', so mouth watering. I could feel the meat melting in my mouth if only I am on 'heat'. LOL. Pretty good indeed but I would rather go for a burger. Dang! But this will do ........ o.O

Pan Fried Grouper
Spaghetti Aglio Olio Frutti Di Mare
Garlic King Prawn
Food were simply amazing. Taste was 'out of this world'. I am already in a world of my own trying to figure out what struck me. My thoughts just keeps coming back to food no matter how much I wanted out. Hehehe. The fish, the prawns, the spaghetti was simply marvelous. I have lost all words for any descriptions in any way. Just eat it!

Yin Yang Creme Brule
Thyme & Pine Nut Tart served with Haagen-Dazs ice-cream
Valrhona Chocolate Mousse with Marmalade
Fresh Creme & Candied Basil
As for dessert, we simply had all the above. I would say this again ~ words just cannot describe how fabulous these little angels taste like. I would not say that these are the best I've had in years (or I ever had) but somehow if you were to dine from A to Z you will be amused and amazed later. Could it be the atmosphere or could it be the food or could it be both. Make a date to find out......

Conclusion : Very pricey. But what do you expect from 'fine dining'? Very good choice of food ~ East meets West. Lovely environment, lovely setup, lovely food, lovely blue lights that makes you wonder whether you are on dry land or are you under the sea.....  I liked it.  A 4/5. And the dream a 5/5. LOL.


Four Seas Seafood Grill @ Bangkung           Business Hours : 12pm - 3pm
65, Jalan Bangkung                                                                6pm - late
Bukit Bandaraya
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 2092 1222


  1. Hi talk3talk4,
    We are promoting Four Seas and we found your blog post, would like to do a cross pomotion of your blog, can you please contact me at leslie(a)

  2. Hi Leslie,

    Cool.... Would be the perfect new year gift for me. Will be in touch with you soon as my schedule is taking all my time this couple of weeks. Thanks!

  3. Dear readers, Four Seas has ceased operation. Cheers.


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