Thursday, December 9, 2010

Restaurant Da Tuan Yuan @ Klang.

Sunday will always be Sunday. Waking up later than usual time, relaxing and lazing around seemed to be the best thing to do. Almost the best ........ for me I have to be up early to feed my 3 precious dogs who will give me peace of mind guarding my fort.

As I was thinking of heading towards my lovely bed after feeding my doggies, my mother in law called up and wanted us to accompany her for 'makan' with her friends over at Klang. Oh! Well! we don't do this that often so I reckon it was a great opportunity to have an outing with my in-laws.

We were introduced to this lovely makan place in Klang by a friend of my in-law. It was a semi-far journey but we were told that this place serves really good food. So it's worth making this trip. It was only 11:50am when we reached Klang and to my surprised the restaurant was already packed with people. Another thing that surprised me was that they were actually lunch crowd considering the type of food sold here.

This is going to be a feast for us as my in-law's friend have ordered  all of the restaurant's famous dishes. Starting with their famous 'Char Siew'. True enough the meat is tender and still juicy and not tough. Taste really good but could be better if they had more honey in it. Wonderfully delicious.

Next is the 'Long Beans fried with Brinjals'. Smells good, looks good and taste good too. Just a tad too oily but I reckon this is a norm for them to really stir fry this into perfection.

To spice up our appetite we specially ordered this super dish 'Fried Ikan Bilis with Chilli and Shallots' in a very special sour/spicy sauce. Really cool ...... and special.

'Spinach with special broth' was everyone's favourite. It could have been a perfect dish if not because of the starchy broth.

This is one dish I will never order as I am not a big fan of 'Prawn Mantis'. Fried to golden colour and was rather surprised with it's taste. Crunchy but some were over-fried making it's meat hard to chew.

'Kum Heong Fish' was next. Garnished with spring onions this fishy does taste good but a little salty.

Here comes what we have been waiting for. This restaurant is also famous for it's fish head dishes. We ordered one whole Garoupa which was cut into half. One half (tail) used to steamed with assam sauce. The fish was perfectly steamed and the meat tasted really sweet and tender and juicy. Fantastic!! I can see everyone rushing in for a piece of the this dish especially it's sauce. Came with some vegetable in particular ladies fingers, this is a must!!! Two Thumbs Up!!

The other half, the fish head, was used to steamed with clear soya sauce. Our jaws just dropped from the very first taste. Words just cannot describe how delicious this dish was. Just fabulous and mouth watering. The 'soya sauce' was mixed with magical hands as it was not too sweet nor too salty. Perfect!!! Fish was done just right !! A plus for it. Pure delight to sink our teeth into both the steamed fish. Highly recommended.

Conclusion : I couldn't stop myself from praising this restaurant. They simply do come up with magical dishes that tasted 5 stars especially the steamed fish and 'char siew'. Other dish was equally good but the former stands out most. Portion was remarkably huge for 13 hungry adults. Pretty reasonable and pocket friendly ~ paid RM286.00 for all the above. Was carrying a huge grin and was already thinking of making another trip here even before we left. A 4/5.


Restaurant Da Tuan Yuan                     Business Hours :
No 22G, Jalan Tiara 2D/KU1                  0900-1500
Pusat Perniagaan BBK                         1730-2130
41150 Klang                                          Closed Every Tuesday of the week
Tel : 03 3342 9309

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