Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Penang Street Cafe @ 1 Utama

Boxing day. A day to shop till you drop. It may be a good thing to do since Chinese New Year is just around the corner. New clothes, new pants, new decorations, new shoes are some of the things in my list this coming new year. The feeling of shopping with Christmas songs blaring from the loudspeakers makes things even better. This the season to be jolly ..... Cool.

Shopping at One Utama can be very challenging especially finding a parking space during peak times like now. It took me close to half an hour to find one and we truly are ready to make full use of time to shop till we drop. Furthermore, I just loved to shop at One Utama and I can never get tired of it unless I run out of 'dough'. LOL.

Another reason why I loved shopping here is that there are just so many restaurants to choose from when hunger strikes. Unfortunately this place was crowded and every restaurant we went to was packed with patrons. We were at the old wing and wanted to dine at 'Nyonya Colours' but the queue was so long and there simply was any empty seats available. 50 meters away was another eatery which was half packed and we decided to dine here. This place is called 'Penang Street Cafe'.

Iced White Coffee @ RM2.80 & Cham Ping @ RM3.00
Thirst got into us and we were just so into having a good cuppa of iced white coffee and a cham ice. Drinks was just ok but I kind of enjoyed the former. Tasted really cool.

Since this place is specializing in Penang food we decided to order the following which was our favourite - chicken lobak, assam laksa and curry mee.

Chicken Lobak @ RM6.60
The chicken lobak (oh how I wished it was pork lobak) was hot and crunchy when served. Tasted alright since it's made of chicken meat. Could be better but we had no choice since they only serves 'halal' food here.

Assam Laksa @ RM6.90
My wife is a sucker for assam laksa and it would be interesting to try this out since they call themselves 'Penang Street Cafe'. The soup was sour enough which was good. But the portion was simply too little. Frankly, I wasn't expecting this place to dish out really good Penang assam laksa judging from it's crowd. But OK - lah.

Curry Noodle @ RM7.90
As for me I never fail to order a bowl of curry noodle whenever I visit a Penang restaurant. BUT this curry noodle is really horrible. Yuks! There's simply no taste in it just the taste of santan, that's all. Portion is so little even the condiments that came with is was pathetic. An instant noodle taste even better than this.

Conclusion : Lousy. Lousy. Lousy. Yay to 3 lousy cheers!!! We paid RM27.20 for all the above which was not too bad if the food was good. But no this was not the case. Adios amigos ....... you won't be seeing me here again. First and last for me. A 1/5 - out of goodwill, really.


Penang Street Cafe
One Utama Old Wing
Tel : 03 6141 7717

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