Saturday, September 18, 2010

Restoran Siong Hee @ SS3, PJ.

A family friend, FJ has been telling us about this place good for it's food. It is just another 'tai chau' restaurant but FJ assured us that we will not feel disappointed with this place.

The restaurant is called 'Restoran Siong Hee' which is just behind 'Restoran Sam Yu'. Frankly, we have seen this place many times but just didn't stop by for a bite. And they are open for dinner only.

We ordered some really good foodie this time with the restaurant's recommendations. First was their famous 'Thai Fried Rice'. Surprisingly, we weren't expecting the fried rice to come with fried chicken pieces. This is really something!

The chicken bites was really good as it is crispy and tasted good. Goes very well with the fried rice. The rice too was tasty but not enough 'zing' to it since it was supposed to be Thai style.

Next came a lovely plate of fried noodles called 'Empress Fried Noodle'. The looks and the aroma mesmerizes me and I was really hoping that it will taste good. And good does it taste! LOL.. yeah. It carries a very unique taste which I have never experienced before.The noodle was fried with prawns, pork, shallots and chilli.

Next came the 'Wild Boar Curry' which came with long beans. Very fragrant, smells good and tasted even better. A little sour but it's ok if it is eaten with rice. I always find cooking curry with dry chilli does make the dish spicier and tastier.

Finally, the green arrived. A plate of 'Choy Sum' fried with garlic. It was fried to perfection as the vege still tasted 'fresh'. Simple and nice.

Conclusion - Highly recommended. Food are tasty, huge portion, well priced. I would say better than their nearest competitor.


Restoran Siong Hee
No 31, Jalan SS3/37
Off Jalan SS3/66
Universiti Garden
47300 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03 7876 7763 / 012 673 1889


  1. is it? i have not tried this place but am a regular at sam yu. will give it a try since as you recomended.

  2. LOL..... hope you enjoy the food . one man's meat is another man's poison. cheers.


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