Thursday, September 16, 2010

Restoran Sam Yu Seafood @ SS3, PJ.

My fiance and I was just relaxing on the couch staring at the TV set enjoying every moment we have in the comfort of our house. I just loved this moments and never can get enough of it. While waiting for our friends to arrive at our place we took some time to catch the latest Hong Kong series over AOD via Astro.

I just love to share a dinner with some friends cause food can do wonders. It is a universal language for peace... LOL as everyone on this planet earth needs to eat. It can bring closer ties between people and food normally comes with laughter as well.

So, we decided to drive down to SS3 for some simple Chinese meal. This place is called Sam Yu Seafood Restaurant. We were told that this place serves value for money meals. Let's see about this......

First to come was the 'Marmite Pork Ribs'. This is one of their signature dish which we decided to give a try. The meat was slightly tough as a result of being over fried. Such a waste cause the Marmite sauce is just irresistible delicious. So, it's a case of 'save by the bell'. (Chuckle).

Next on line is 'Claypot Tofu'. The portion of this pot of tofu is pretty huge. More than enough for the 4 of us. It tasted just 'so-so'. Nothing to shout about. Simple dish with a too simple taste. Frankly I was a little disappointed with this dish as I was expecting it to taste good by the looks of it. Unfortunately....... sigh........ it's otherwise.

Everyone was just eagerly waiting for this particular dish to be dished out. Curry Mixed Vegetable. Again this dish looks really good and thank GOD it tasted good. The portion is a huge disappointment. Just too little for four. This dish was snapped up as fast as Carl Lewis does a 100m sprint.

We specifically told the waitress that we wanted more cabbage and long beans. But this did not materialized. Mix vege include long beans, cabbage, ladies fingers, tofu and eggplant. This dish is santan based. Rich santan taste and not spice at all. Goes really well with white rice.

Conclusion - The food is just 'so-so'. Could be better. Fast service. Pretty pricey. Have both open-air dining and air-conditioned dining. 


Restoran Sam Yu Seafood
No 32, Jalan SS3/35
Taman University
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7875 1197 


  1. I remember this place serves the best Kong fu chow in PJ .. the gravy is thick with very egg-ish .. can see strips of egg yolk in the gravy.. the meehoon also very crispy.. I wonder if this is the same restaurant ?

  2. my regular makan place. i find the food to be ok but pricey.


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