Friday, September 10, 2010

Restoran Super Kitchen - Chilli Pan Mee @ Kepong.

This is one day which is supposed to be a fine day turned bad. Nothing to do with the weather, nothing to do with work, nothing to do with my wifey and nothing to do with $$$ too. It's just me! Am feeling totally blur for the whole day. Needed to take a break and go to somewhere far. As far as possible. Ended up in Kepong. Is it far enough? I reckon so. Couldn't go any further as my "zoom-zoom" four wheeler  is out of gas. LOL.....

It could be a blessing in disguise. Kepong is already a booming suburb with lot's of new buildings and more newer ones to come by. Unlike the old days where this place is like a cowboy town. Thanks to new developments which made this place a heaven for food. The number of restaurants mushrooming here is incredible. I have never seen so many restaurants in one single area and it happened to Kepong. And the chosen one is Restoran Super Kitchen - Chilli Pan Mee.

As the name speaks for itself this place is famous for it's chilli pan mee (RM5). This pan mee is not the usual pan mee sold in most kopitiam. This is the dry type pan mee which came with minced meat, friend anchovies, fried shallots, spring onions and an egg. It is accompanied with a bowl of soup.

Put a few spoonful of chilli into the bowl of pan mee and you are set to go. Really spicy, noodle texture just right making this a very delicious bowl of noodle. And the portion is pretty reasonable too. Besides this pan mee we ordered they also serve different types of pan mee too. Not to worry if you are not a spicy fan.

We also ordered a bowl of curry pan mee (RM5). This bowl of noodle came with fish balls and meat balls, tofu, bean sprout, long beans and few strands of mint leaves. I was equally surprised with the taste. The santan based soup is not too spicy and not too santan-ish which is surprisingly good. And the portion of this noodle is huge. Tasted so much better than the one I had in SS2, PJ.

Besides having noodles we also ordered a bowl of meat dumpling (RM10). The dumpling size is huge and filled with meat. Yummy was the first words that came out from my mouth. Finished the first dumpling within a blink of an eye. It's really good. Luckily we ordered a big bowl which consists of 10 meat dumplings. Enough to satisfy my desire and lust for it.

That's not all we also ordered an extra bowl of met balls (RM6) which is really huge, chunky and delicious.

All the food that we ordered got 2 thumbs up from all of us. It may not be the best we have tasted but it does stands out in terms of taste, portion and price. Get's my recommendation! if you fancy a bowl of noodle.


Restoran Super Kitchen
18, Jalan Metro Perdana 8
Taman Usahawan Kepong
Tel : 03 6258 0998


  1. So far for a bowl of noodles... Must be good !! Next trip bring me along...

  2. Yeah Psycho ...... we have lot's of dates to catch up.


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