Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sri Pinang Restoran (nyonya~thai) @ Shah Alam.

I was rather late for a lunch appointment with a client of mine in Shah Alam. It was suppose to be a farewell lunch for my lovely client who has been with the company for 5 years. It's time for her to move ahead........

The weather was gloomy but pleasing to the eye especially when you are driving. It didn't take me long to reach my client's place and even faster for all of us to make a move to this lovely restaurant which I will review.

Yeah, the name of this place is called "Sri Pinang Restoran (nyonya~thai). It says it they serves both Nyonya and Thai dishes here. It's located in Shah Alam Sec 15. This place is located at a corner shopunit and is on the 1st floor. The best thing is this place is air-conditioned. Yay!!! good for me as I hate hot and humid weather and not a smoker either.

We didn't waste much time ordering (for 5). The 'captain' was very helpful but rather fierce..... yeah she kept on scolding her workers for being slow. LOL. Anyway, that's besides the point. We ordered the following :- TomYam Seafood, Pandan Chicken, Deep Fried Squid, Asparagus, another veggie (dang!!! forgot what it's called), Hot Plate Japanese Tafu and Green Curry Chicken. Sounds really good isn't it...........

First to come was the tom yam.....it's pretty spicy (which I like) but rather sweet :( It came with lot's of squids and prawns. The serving was just nice for 5. Next in line was the 2 veggie dish. It really tasted good as it was not too oily. One was cooked with plain garlic and the other with sambal belacan. It was yummy......

Next on the line was the Pandan Chicken. Really good I must say. Meat was tender and not overcook. Must have used lot's of spices to marinate the chicken meat as it was really delicious. More came and we were really spoiled for choice. Hot plate tofu was really really good. But the Green Curry Chicken doesn't taste like one. Yeah..... all of us was scratching our heads. What on earth did they served us with? Ahahaha........no laughing matters. It's true.

All of us found the so-called green curry yummy minus the green curry taste. It tasted more like 'nai yau curry chicken'. It wasn't spicy at all but the 'nai yau' tasted good. Even though it was good but 'potong steam' lar since all of us was expecting a really good green curry. Minus minus....... and the 'captain' was so proud to say that they dish out good green curry. Duh!!! She must have problem with her taste buds. Nevertheless we finished it off......

The fried squid was just so-so lar. Anyone who knows how to cook can dish this squid out. I believe I can do a better job if I were the chef unfortunately ......... ahahaha.

To finish things up we wanted to order some water chest nuts for dessert BUT they do not have this in their menu! Can you believe it?! This is suppose to be a Thai restaurant..... Sigh..... We ended up ordering a big plate of mango mixed with I dunno what and 2 bowls of chendol.

Conclusion ............. it was an enjoyable lunch with really good dish being dished out and also a surprise green curry dish which could be better. I will surely come back for more considering we only paid RM140.28 incl tax. Not too bad I reckon .........

Sri Pinang Restoran
No12, Jalan Utas D/15D
Shah Alam.
Tel : 03 5510 8687.

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