Thursday, July 1, 2010

Soong Kee Beef Noodle @ KL.

Beef Ball noodles anyone? This place is for sure one of the best and hottest beef ball noodles I've ever came across. I can still remember the very first time I tasted this lovely noodles was like 23 years ago and am still craving for it until now.

This place is called "Soong Kee" and it is located along Jalan Tun Tan Siew Hin. It's somewhere near Bangkok Bank and HSBC Bank in KL.

The crowd is just fabulous - now or 23 years back - no difference. It's always packed. The only difference is that back then we have to enjoy this bowl of noodle under hot conditions but now this place is fully air-conditioned.

I was so fortunate to have the chance to enjoy this lovely noodle today. As usual I ordered a big bowl of beef noodle which came along with a bowl of beef balls in soup (RM5). Additional order was for a bowl of 'ngau chap' (RM5).

The beef balls is just simply amazing..... Not overcooked and the soup that came with it was simple yet delicious. Dipped the balls into the chilli paste and 'kawabanga' the best I've ever tasted in my life.

The yellow springy noodle was covered with lot's of minced beef and pork.... It is simply amazing. Out of this world kind of taste. The noodle was springy and not overcook and the minced meat was just fabulous - a perfect combination. Loved it. At times a single bowl is just not enough as one will want to consume another bowl just to satisfy their desire and lust for this noodle. LOL. Yeah......

The 'ngau chap' is a bowl of mixed 'spare parts' such as beef tendons (you name it they have it), meat etc...... Wonder how they managed to make everything so yummy and not overcooked...... For once I just don't bother about my cholesterol levels....... just wanna enjoy what I have in front of me.....LOL . OOps..... better not let my mrs know about this...

For those who have not been to this place, please make it a point to go as you will not be disappointed. Satisfaction guaranteed!!! I'll give a full star for this eatery and I have been a regular since the very first time I stepped into this place ie 23 years ago.

This place is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. Otherwise they are always open. Biz hours, if not mistaken, 11am till 12am. Yeah!


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