Wednesday, June 23, 2010

AG Ruma S/B

Ladies and gentlement, things are getting really interesting in bathroom supplies.

AG Ruma S/B is located at Kepong. It's proprietor Mr Richard Ng is just fabulous. He's the industry walking dictionary. He simply knows everything when it comes to bathroom supplies. He managed to provide valuable information, tips, tricks, etc.... when i 'bombarded' him with some fiction test him out lar....ahahaha. But he passed with flying colours. Yay.

Not only that he is knowledgeable but he's full of humour too. Unlike other 'si tau' I've came across..... this guy is just humble and down to earth. Nice chap...... I found out this guy got a nickname 'Doreamon'. Yeah you heard it 'Doreamon'. Probably it's because of his rounded shape..... LOL. you can see from the pics, those are just one of the million items he's selling. You will come across names like Bravat, Ansporn, Potex/Caravaggio, DOE.......... and products like flush valves, long baths or short baths..LOL, shower set, tap fittings, stainless steel items, etc..... all over his premises. Yeah...... and another thing that you see all over is 'chinese tea' sets, tea leaves.... as he is a sucker for this lovely drink. I had the honour to be served with his lovely chinese tea specially brought in from China. Just amazing......

As usual price is not a main issue here depending on what items or what brand you are going for. I found it to be really reasonable and would definitely come back for more and will get my buddies or enemies to come to this place to shop for bathroom supplies.

I bought the highly rated USA brand Bravat mixers / tap fittings for all my bathroom and my Mrs is just so happy with it. Our friends found them beautiful too and ......well...... I've directed them to AG Ruma ...... yeah......

You can contact Mr Richard Ng at 012 331 9891. His colleagues Ms Connie and 2 other Malay staff are always there to lend a helping hand.

AG Ruma is not any ordinary showroom you find around Jln Ipoh cause their main biz is involves distribution and supplies for projects. Never the less they are all willing to serve you.

End of the day I reckon we've become friends. Yay!!!


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