Monday, June 21, 2010

Heap Wah Enterprise S/B

I was looking for some sanitary wares and fittings and decided to pop into this place along Jalan Klang Lama by the name - Heap Wah Enterprise S/B.

This place can be easily found as it is facing the main road. IF you are coming from Old Town PJ, go straight towards Old Klang Rd (from the roundabout). You will pass by 2 petrol kiosk on the left and finally a junction with traffic lights. Take a left turn and go straight and about 50 meters you'll be able to see this place which is located on the left side.

Ok Ok what's so great about this place. Well first of all the sales gal, Ms Irene, is really a professional when it comes to product knowledge. She listens carefully what her client needs are and she will take it from there without having any doubts or looking back. I felt comfortable with her.

This place is full of branded sanitary wares - wc's and basins, tap fittings - local & imported, etc... I found out they are direct distributors for Potex / Caravaggio wares, Econax wares, Claytan wares, DOE tap fittings, Paffoni (Italy) tap fittings, etc..... The best thing is they DO NOT carry Chinese Brand China made products.

They are so so cool.....really COOL..... They can come up with really cool stainless steel brackets for basins which is meant for table top.... Yay!!! These are custom made and I am still amazed with them being so 'inventive'.

I was looking for a big square basin but most of it are meant for table tops which I do not have and do not intend to have either (expensive lar). So Heap Wah really make my day come true.... I am able to have what I was looking for.

As for WCs I was impressed with the Caravaggio range they carry as it is so so so MODERN unlike some other brands eg JS, I've seen in the market. It is really cool looking and well the coolest got to be it's price. Yeah...... Yay!!!

Well if you are looking for hardware deals....... you can get it here as well. 3 shops away..... they owned a hardware shop which sells all sort of hardware items. Can't say much as I wasn't looking for it.

Well end of the day I am a very pleased man!!! LOL. Bough myself a Caravaggio 1 piece WC and a square basin with the custom made brackets for less than RM800.00. :)

Will be making some visits to other shops / dealers to find out more of what's in store for us when it comes to getting the right stuff for your bathroom,etc.....



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