Saturday, June 26, 2010

How to get rid of fleas & ticks?

Dear Readers,

I have 2 lovely dogs which I adopted this year - a male and a female dog.

Hannah is a female terrier mix who is 9 months old and Thunder is a male labrador mix who is 8 1/2 months old. Both are perfect companion and everyone loves them.

I have come across once where both of them were infested with ticks and fleas. It was a serious case where both of my lovely dogs were infested with the unwanted pests. Tried so many ways and methods but seems that the creatures keep coming back.

Since then I have been bathing my dogs with anti-fleas/ticks shampoo and washing them with mixture of H2O with 'poison'. Leaving them to dry naturally. I've been using Frontline Spot-On Combo for Dogs too. This product is suppose to 'protect' my dogs for 1 month but doesn't seems to be working. The pests will re-appear in less than 4 weeks.

I found that washing the dogs with the H2O - 'poison' mixture works! And it is a cheaper option compared to using Frontline.

I will spray around the vicinity of my house with the mixture just to make sure that the pests do not lie around to kill another day. So far so good. But if I let the dogs wandering in the vicinity of the lawn ........... they will be infected with it without much ease. I don't know why.

I really hope that someone out there who'll come across my blog will be able to provide me with some solutions.


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  1. i have a couple of dogs with me. always have the same problems getting rid of the fleas or ticks. used to use 'poison' on them but find it to be harmful la since it's poison. so a friend of mine told me to use lemongrass oil on them. tried it and somehow it works! hope this will help you ah beng. ahahaha


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