Wednesday, June 23, 2010

J & J Corner Restaurant - Portugese Seafood @ Melaka.

It's really difficult to upload such yummy pics to share with all of you ............ aargh.... am getting hungry just looking at these pics.

I am sure you'll agree with me, don't you??? LOL.... slurp, slurp, growling.......

OK.... I was in this lovely town called Melaka. Just a couple of hours drive from KL. It's worth the trip as I am a sucker for good food especially spicy food and seafood. Oops... there goes my calories ........... My lovely friend brought us to the "Portuguese Settlement" for 100% Portuguese seafood. I was sceptical in the beginning but ....... was glad to be there. Not sure the directions to this place but I reckon the locals will be able to point the way there if you were to ask for directions.

There are quite a number of eateries there which serves seafood. Since I was there with a friend she just knows which shop to go for. As you can see the name of the eatery is called J & J Corner and is numbered No 10. You will not miss it.... it's the last shop.

We ordered quite a bit .... from Grill Ikan Pari in Tradisional Portuguese Sauce, Garlic Fried Crabs, Sambal Sotong Prawns, Fried Black Pepper Bitter Gourd, Black Pepper Beef, Sambal Belacan KangKong and a noodle (cannot remember it's name) + white rice. For 5 heads.

Darn it I am drooling...... oh boy this is tough job. LMFAO.

I must say we made the right choice of food selection ....... everything's so so so so so so so yummy! Yeah the ''so" can go on and on all the way to JB. LOL.

The pari fish was just done perfectly not overcook and the sauce that came with it was simply amazing. I can taste it in my mouth this very moment. It's really mouth watering. The garlic fried crap oops.... crab is a must! Simply the best.... never tasted such lovely crab in KL. If you are a garlic lover this is just the perfect gift as the aroma is just tantalizing. Not overcook too and the crab meat was just great. The only set back was the size of the crab ..... too small. Sigh...

Time for the spicy sambal sotong prawns ..... amazing..... really spicy stuff........ delicious....... yummy. Just too good to be true. I've tasted good similar dish before but the way the Portuguese cooked it is just so different. Words just cannot describe it .... the only way to find out is to eat it. Yeah. Same goes for the sambal fried kangkong. Just fabulous.

Yeah we are suckers for black pepper dish too - Bitter Gourd and Beef. Again the bitter gourd was simply irresistible. It was just a simple dish but the taste is fabulous. And the beef..... wow!!! Wished there had more oomph as the black pepper taste fizzled out..... not enough lar. Still it's highly rated.

Yum yum....... and we had a couple of large Heineken beers to go along with the beautiful food .

What else......yeah it came with some mixed fruits for dessert. All in all ...... it costs us below RM150.00 Yay!!! Hurray!!! 3 Cheers!!!!

Not to be missed if you ever touch down at Melaka. Am already thinking of making another trip there just for the food.

BTW, they do accept booking reservations for private functions. .


J & J Corner Restaurant
Stall No 10
Medan Selera Perkampungan Portugis
75050 Melaka.

Ms Claudine 012 618 5082
Tel / Fax : 06 286 0937


  1. This place is great. Been there few times and still loving it.

  2. Cool.... glad you like it. I did. :)


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