Monday, March 11, 2013

U-Village Restaurant @ Sg Wang Plaza.

What are we having for lunch? Where are we going for lunch? These are some of the normal questions asked daily from all of us in the office. This is a norm as lunching in downtown KL can be a very costly affair. We have been to so many place and tried so many different types of food and I reckon what we wanted is good food at an affordable price and of course the restaurant must be air conditioned.

When a new colleague suggested that we should dine at U-Village at Sg Wang Plaza, we have no rejection to it. So, off we went. It has been a really long time since I stepped into Sg Wang Plaza the once most popular shopping mall in KL. Looking for a parking bay was easy as there were abundance of it. Parking rates can be very expensive as we often pay RM4:40 for it.

We made our way they around 12pm since we were told that lunch crowd can be very busy and may not be able to get any seats or tables. It sure was an adventure for us all since this is our first visit to U-Village and were really eager to try out the food.

Lunch crowd was already starting to build up when we arrived the restaurant. It was packed and we were lucky to find ourselves a table. I like the layout and environment of this place as it was brightly lit and tables were arranged neatly. What was most important was it's cleanliness and it's fully air conditioned. Yay!

This place have a special section for it's preparation and serving of their famous BBQ pork. It really does looks yummy and we certainly will order a plate. All of us are already drooling..... and by looking at their ala carte menu and set menu made things worse.

Set Menu @ 12.90++
No joke! There are about 36 different choices of set lunches served here. Set lunches comes with a drink and a bowl of soup. And all this for just RM12.90++ per set.

I will not touch so much on the menu as it will take a whole week for me to finish the story. You will have to come by and experience it yourself. Really....

The FOC soup...
The bowl of soup that came with the set lunch was no ordinary soup. The 'captain' told us that they would boil the soup for few hours with pork or chicken bones and with the right ingredients. True enough it was remarkably good. It came with some corns and some chicken meat along with the soup. Unlike others where you will only be served with plain soup full of MSG.

Roasted Honey BBQ Pork (M) @ RM29.00++
Loved it. The BBQ pork was truly amazing. It was so near perfect. Meat was still juicy and it melts in your mouth. Some may not like it as there needs to have lot's of 'fatty' part to make it melt. Not for those who are on a healthy diet. Must try! But a little expensive considering the price vs the portion.

Salted Fish with Pork (Ham Yu Fa Lam Po) Set @ RM12.90++
This dish which came with a plate of white rice was simply mouth watering. Frankly, this was the best 'ham yu fa lam po' I have had and I truly recommend it. Must give credits to the chef as the meat was not over-cook which was important otherwise the meat will be too hard to bite and harsh to swallow. It was a little salty (due to the salted fish) but it was perfectly neutralized by the mild spiciness of the dry chilly. Two thumbs up!! And it is one of their hot seller!

Chic Drumstick Rice Superior Sauce Set @ RM12.90++
Next came another hot seller. Size of the drumstick was huge and the set came with a sunny side up egg and white rice. Taste was good as I reckon the chic was well marinated before it hit the wok. But then again I find it hard to swallow as there was apparently no or too little sauce (came with the chicken) as it can be a tad dry. Oh well now we know why it came with a bowl of soup.

Seafood Noodle in Claypot Set @ RM12.90++
This was a big disappointment for us all. From the looks of it it was delicious but in actual fact it was just so-so. Of course I have had better 'lou shee fun' but it never occurred to me that a simple dish can be made to tastes so 'normal' or 'plain Jane'.

Conclusion : A great place to dine especially for the lunch crowd. Plenty of varieties and majority of the dish tastes good. A pat on the back the the chef. Service is fast and good. Be sure to go early otherwise be prepared to wait for a seat. BTW, this is a NON-Halal restaurant. I would give it a 4/5.


U-Village Restaurant Sdn Bhd
Sungei Wang Plaza
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 2148 9686.

Note : The above review is purely based on my personal opinion.


  1. We would like to have a check on the wanton that they serve, and the staff which she can't speak English / Mandarin, walk over and said: Kasi u makan, u makan je la! (With a rude and arrogant tone)!! When we lodge a complaint to the on-duty cashier, she was laughing and did not express her SORRY! It was a terrible service that I experienced!

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your unpleasant visit. Yeah, my most recent visit there also reveals that there are indeed lot's of foreign workers there. It is very unfortunate that most locals are not interested to work in such places due to lower pay I reckon....
      Nevertheless, the food quality is still at it's best but it will be really ideal if the management will look into establishin a more professional and induce more personality into the team.
      And thanks for surfing and reading AhLianAhBeng...


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