Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Manhattan Fish Market @ Pavillion, KL

This is one surprise lunch we had totally unplanned for. The best part of it was that everyone was available for it. As usual all of us jumped into one of our colleague's 'bus' that can ferry the 10 of us. What a joy to have such vehicle available for such occasion.

We headed towards Pavillion Kuala Lumpur. Frankly, we headed there without any knowledge of what we will have. We had to go somewhere where majority decisions outgunned minority. And we ended up in 'The Manhattan Fish Market'.

The place was quite crowded as it was lunch time. A lovely waitress showed us to our tables and she waited for awhile before proceeding with taking our orders. This lady is simply marvelous and she is good in what she does. And not forgetting she's got a great ability to remember all the orders she took from all of us without even need to pen it down. True champion indeed.

We ordered quite a number of dishes and the first to appear is the 'Garden Salad'.

Garden Salad
This was specifically ordered by the ladies. A great appetizer, a great way to kick start the feast. It was good, the ladies loved it and we were ready for more.

Mussel in Cream Sauce
Garlic Bread
We were a little disappointed with the mussels. Firstly, the sauce was a tad too watery and it didn't taste oomph enough. Not enough cream and not enough cheese. It was over cooked too. As for the garlic bread, again it was pretty hard and not enough zing in it. It should have had more garlic in it in order to live up to it's name.  :S

Fried Calamari
Fried Mushroom
Time for some light bites or finger food. These two fried stuff are overdone again. What is wrong, mate? Yeah, we know that they were supposed to be fried stuff but by over doing it will just kill the food. Didn't like it at all and for those who have dentures please be careful.

Grill Dory
Fish & Chips Dory
Grill Dory was good. Like the texture and meat was juicy and yummy. Finally something that is edible. Phew.  Fish & Chips was so-so and the fries was the worst I have ever had for years. Even McDonald's fries tasted better. Anyway, all this fry stuff are junkie food and should not be taken too much.

Grill Salmon
I have always loved salmon and there was nothing that I do not like about it. The garlic rice is one of my favourite but it was pretty cold when the dish was served to us. It would be great if the rice was warm and had more garlic-ky taste to it.

Gala Platter
Such a wonderful sight. I get all drooled up by just looking at it but then again sometimes looks can be deceiving. Grilled fish was ok, clams was a little eeww, fries are a little soggy and loses out to McD fries, prawns was small and not that fresh and the garlic rice is not warm enough and still lacks the garlic-ky feel.

Mushroom Spaghetti
Chicken Spaghetti
Time for some spaghetti. These sets of spags tasted ordinary and nothing to shout about. I don't blame them as I do not think their chef can dish out some killer spaghettis as these are not the restaurant's strongest dish. Anyway, for those who would loved to have varieties this is ok.

Conclusion : Compared to the first time I had these food, it was like 2-3 years ago I find that food quality then was much better compared to now. We were very disappointed with the overall food we had and everyone was complaining about it. This could be one of the reasons chain restaurants are finding it hard to maintain it's quality. Total bill came to RM257.60. To be frank again it was too costly to pay for mediocre food. I will only give it a 2/5 and credits to the waitress with the golden memory.


The Manhattan Fish Market Pavillion
Level 1.18.02
Pavillion Kuala Lumpur
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 2141 4341.

Note : The above review is solely based on my personal opinion.

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