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Restaurant Foon Lock @ Bukit Tinggi, Bentong.

I have been sitting here staring at the blank screen of my laptop trying to figure out how to start this blog. I have been typing and deleting, typing and deleting repeatedly and still wondering how to kick start this blog. Somehow I have difficulties finding the rhythm when I most needed it.

'Ah Lian Ah Beng' will bring you to Bukit Tinggi in Bentong for a rendezvous .... a trip which was long overdue, a trip to Janda Baik, Bentong in search for some peace and quiet relaxation away from busy Kuala Lumpur, in search of nature and of course not forgetting fishing trip.

This is going to be a short trip consisting of 2 days 1 night stay. And I reckon it is going to be really exciting ... exciting because I foresee there is going to be lot's of makan-makan session. So, I will cut the story short and not bored you readers with what happened at Janda Baik. But I must share that our fishing trip was very promising and we caught many red talapia and black talapia of really good size. With such prized catch we decided to head towards Bukit Tinggi in search of a restaurant to cook a red talapia.

My wife specifically chose this restaurant because she simply loved the food there. Her parents frequent this place whenever they made a trip to Bukit Tinggi. This should be good and I don't think anything will go wrong.

This restaurant by the name of 'Restaurant Foon Lock' is situated along the only street leading down from the  police station. Beside the restaurant there are numerous stalls selling fruits and vegetables. Quality of vegetables and fruits are super fresh and it is worth every penny. And it is reasonably priced. It can be very crowded especially on a weekend so if you happened to be there please make sure to go early.

Variety of vege and fruits sold at the stalls
The red talapia which we caught was more than 1kg in weight. Even the lady boss who took our orders was surprised to see how huge the fish was. One thing for sure the fish is fresh and free of mud taste. We decided to have it cooked the 'assam' style.

Guang Xi Stuffed Taufu Ball @ RM12.00
But first let me introduce their house speciality 'Guang Xi Stuffed Taufu Ball'. It was served with soupa and to be frank it didn't look impressive. What did impressed me was it's taste. Well .... how to put it ..... do not expect it to taste great ..... it was different since the stuffing was home made. It was the freshess that we liked most. : D

Chinese Spinach @ RM10.00
Without doubt it is a 'must' to have a plate of vegetable to have a balance diet in a meal. We chose the Chinese spinach which was good. Dishing this dish can hardly go wrong as it is easy to cook ... simply clear stir fry it with garlic ... and viola.

Lala in Clear Soup @ RM25.00
This was in everyone's wish list. We were contemplating whether to have it in 'Kam Heong' style or in 'Clear Soup' style and we chose the latter. This dish did not fail us in terms of tastes and size and portion. Wonderfully cooked with larger than normal hard shell clams. Simply marvelous and yummy. We 'wallop' up all the Lala and soup.... and was left with nothing in the bowl. : D

Stir Fried Crispy Pork @ RM18.00
Please do not attempt to order this dish. If you want to make an appointment to see a dentist then I reckon it is ok to order it. It was totally rubbish, sorry for my language. It's too salty, the meat was well overcooked resulting to tough meat to chew on and simply too much dark soya sauce being used. What a big letdown.. Furthermore it was recommended by the restaurant. Hmm..... I was wondering why the lady chose to intro this to us..... LOL.

Drums rolling ................

Ta-daa...... the dish of the day....the assam fish.

I liked the way how the chef positioned the fish. Yes no doubt the fish was big but it was cleverly done in a way where the fish meat was split into the sides which makes it easy to eat em. This assam fish dish came with some mixed vegetables and frankly it was good. Yeah GOOD! But a tad too sweet for my taste bud.

The fish was ours. We caught it during our fishing dayout. The restaurant only charged us RM15.00 to cook the fish for us. I reckon it was well priced if compared to KL price.

Whether it's your own fish or supplied by the restaurant this assam dish is a must. They are various types of fish being sold here so you will not be disappointed. Forget about going on a diet. Forget about watching your weight. Over here it's all about makan, makan and only makan.

Conclusion : This place is not pretty nor is it fanciful but the food is good, pretty well priced and you will surely leave this place with a fat belly. LOL. With coconut drinks thrown into it the bill came to RM110.50 only. It will be cool to organise a family makan trip to Bukit Tinggi as there are so many restaurants to choose from and it'll be fun. A 3.5/5.

BTW, when the bill came it was neatly printed and it was printed 'Canton Kitchen'. A look behind the bill suggests that this restaurant is part of the 'Canton Kitchen' group consisting of Garden View Restaurant (Bkt Tinggi), Canton Kitchen Restaurant (Setapak) and this Restaurant Foon Lock.


Restaurant Foon Lock
No.84, Kampung Bukit Tinggi
28750 Bentong
Pahang Darul Makmur.
Tel : 09 233 0170

Note : The above review is purely based on my personal opinion.

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