Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ocean Shabu Shabu @ Taman Mayang, Petaling Jaya.

The sky is getting darker and gloomier. It was rather hot and humid. Weekend traffic crawls are never ending. Everyone is in a rush, somehow. Rushing to reach home, rushing for dinner, rushing for a movie, rushing for a great night out... Rush rush...a Paula Abdul song came to my head and started humming to the rythms.

It's a nigth out to celebrate a friends' birhday and it is going to be loads of food and loads of fun. I remembered mentioning this in one of my previous posts that spending precious time with friends or family over good food is just precious.

And it was a good choice of selection for tonight's dinner. We won't be dining in any posh restaurants, not Italian nor French, not the usual Chinese or Japanese food, nothing close to Mamak or Indian food but we will be having Hong Kong style Shabu Shabu 'steamboat'.

Ocean Shabu Shabu was the chosen one and we decided to dined at their branch in Taman Mayang instead of driving all the way to Sri Petaling where they first started. I have heard so much about this place for thier good shabu shabu and it is also famous to be expensive.

This place was in tip top condition as it is still new. The interior renovation was beautifully done and top notch too. It has an upmarket feel to it. The place was well lighted up and well air conditioned. It has two levels and very spacious. The selection of wooden chairs with fabric uphostery was comfortable. A portion of the wall (upper level) was covered up with beautifully taken pictures of the food they served which makes it even more appetizing. Crowd has started building up and we were all ready for a great feast.

In Shabu Shabu what is most important is the 'soup'. I have heard so much about how wonderful the 'soup' is and we could not stop ourselves for being over excited. We were hungry and all those pictures at the wall are making us drool. LOL

Pork Bone and Corn Broth @ RM20.00++
No wonder the soup or broth was the talk of the town. One look at the pot tells you that they put in lot's of ingredients to make it taste good. Pork carcass, lot's of corn, red dates, Chinese herbs etc.... it will taste better with all the food being put in to cook. This was one of the 10 different broth you can chose from.

The different type of broth are as follows: Pepper Pork Broth, Shark's Fin Bone Broth, Chicken Marinated in Yellow Wine Broth, Chew Chow Broth, Fish Broth, Preserved Eggs with Chinese Parsley Broth, Thai Tom Yam Broth and White Fungus Papaya Broth.

In Shabu Shabu you can have a freedom of choice with your orders. There were plenty of varieties to chose from and this was what we ordered.

Fried Octopus in Typhoon Shelter Style @ RM30.00++
This was for appetizer. The birthday gal specifically wanted to order this dish. It was fried with lot's of garlic and chili. Wonderful taste to it and we even saved the garlic and chili flakes for the main Shabu Shabu dish. Frankly, the octopus was slightly overcooked and it was pretty hard to bite. Otherwise, it was a perfect dish to start off with.

Four Seasons Meat Ball @ RM20.00++
This was the house specialty and a must try for first timers. These meat balls was freshly made special in-house ingredients. All home made.

Hong Kong Style Pork Ball @ RM10.00++
Deep Fried HK Fish Skin @ RM10.00++
This deep fried HK fish skin was superb. It was very aromatic and tasted very different. Great experience.

Angus Striploin Beef Slice @ RM30.00++
These beef slice was amazing. Well, not as amazing if compared to Kobe beef. It was good.

Mixed Mushrooms @ RM16.00++
Spinach Noodle @ RM3.00++  &  Fried Bean Curd @ RM5,00++
Celery Dumpling @ RM12.00++

Vegetable @ RM5.00
Dipping Sauce
As you can see we sure did ordered a large variety of food. We enjoyed this wholesome meal and never wanted to stop. Everything was so fresh which is very important.

Conclusion : No doubt it was rather costly to dine here but paying for good quality food which was both fresh and delicious was indeed worth the money. Of couse you cannot be having this everyday or every week but having it once in awhile would be really great. The restaurant was clean and in tip top conditioned. Service was rather poor as most of the waiter or waitress are foreigners, something that I really dislike. A3.5/5. And this is a NON-Halal restaurant.


Ocean Shabu Shabu Sdn Bhd
Lot 2-1, 3 and 3-1
Mayang Oasis Commercial Centre
Jalan SS26/9
Taman Mayang
47301 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 019 228 8962.

Note : The above review is solely based on my personal opinion.

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