Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant (Famous Beggar's Chicken) @ Ijok

After month's of preparation for a journey for something really special that is located at Ijok finally came through. A total of 4 cars ferrying around 20 people started the journey at 12pm and headed through the NKVE highway towards Sg Buloh before exiting the Sg Buloh toll. We decided to take the 'old' trunk road towards the restaurant and use the new highway on the way back.

It was pretty easy to find the place if you know where Ijok is. After exiting the Sg Buloh toll make a left turn towards Sg Buloh  and just go all the way following the main road. Make sure do not drive too fast as it can be a little dangerous as the roads are narrow at some points and winding too. Of course there are lot's of 'lorry' too. Just go straight towards Ijok and viola you will be able to spot a signboard on the left side of the road that will lead you towards the restaurant. FYI, the restaurant is not visible from the main road so make sure you look for the signage!

Even though it is far away from the city one would expect this place to be serene, peace and quiet. But it is quite otherwise since most city folks will be heading towards this particular restaurant for some good beggar's chicken etc... this place is even busier than any parts of KL. At most times there will be busload of tourists. So, please make sure you make a booking before heading here to avoid being disappointed.

Prawn Cracker
Crowded isn't it...
Upon arrival we could see lot's of people already made their way here much earlier as they were so many cars and buses along the path that lead us to the restaurant. It was busy, really busy and noisy too. We made our way to our tables and eagerly waiting for our pre-ordered food to be served.

This place also boosts for it's 'prawn crackers' which will be a delightful appetizer while waiting for the mains be served. If I am not mistaken a packet costs around RM10.00. Mind you it may be costly but it sure does taste good.

Freshly cooked beggar's chicken
This is where the beggar's chicken came from...
Their cooking area for the beggar's chicken is locate behind the restaurant. Their home made oven which is located on the ground uses wood as the main source of 'fire'. We were told that it takes approx 4-5 hours to cook the chicken. This is one of the main reason why one needs to make a booking before coming over for a meal. OK, let us go back to the food...

Beggar's Chicken
Drooling...... drooling...... Yeah ! this was precisely what we were doing. Luckily it didn't take them too long to bring in the first dish which is the famous beggar's chicken. The aroma just burst out upon opening the foil. It was cooked with lot's of chinese herbs which is good. Chicken meat was tender as expected. It was marvelous, extremely delicious. Goes very well with white rice especially consumed with the broth or gravy.

Beggar's Pork Knuckle
Next on the table was the beggar's pork knuckle with yam. Just as I thought the chicken was good,,,, I just couldn't imagine how good this would be as the aroma really knocks me out. Again, as expected the meat was really tender and juicy...hahaha ... with the sauce that came with it... was unbelievable. And the yam that came with it was really good too. OMG, there goes my diet!

Beggar's Duck
A hattrick of meaty dish. Came rolling in was the beggar's duck which was cooked to perfection where meat was tender is really hard to resist. Even though I am not a 'duck' person but the way this duck was cooked made me had a bite or two ... eerrr,,,,, or even more. Simply delicious.

Finally something not too meaty came along. Prawns cooked in soy sauce with a hint of chilli was very tasty indeed. Prawn was not overcooked with is good otherwise it'll taste like 'rubber' LOL. Prawn was fresh and juicy. It was all gone in within minutes. Couldn't imagine all of us still have room for more...

Steam Talapia
This steam fish was just normal la. Nothing really special about it. Somehow the fish was slightly overcooked. But the sauce was pretty good and goes well with white rice. The size of the fish was pretty huge which was just enough to feed 10 'still hungry' adults.

Kam Heong Crab
Crab cooked in Kam Heong style is our all time favourite. But it will take a lot of guts to chew them in as we were more or less pretty full by now. Crab was fresh which is important and tasted really good. But I find the size of the crab to be a little small. Would be great if it's the size of a Sri Lankan crab.

Fry vegetable in Oyster sauce
Pig Stomach Peppered Soup
Come to think of it we only had 1 green dish for the day. Oh! what a diet eh.... Anyway, it was great to be munching into some green after some really tough meaty dish. Tasted good as nothing much can go wrong with preparing a plate of vegetable.

BUT ! the pig stomach peppered soup was a knockout and came at the right moment. It was so aromatic that it caught everyone's attention. Everyone wanted a bowl of it after taking in so much food. Can you believe it. Fantastic pot of soup and just wanted more and more. It would have been better if it's more 'kaw' in other words if only it contains more pepper.

Conclusion : It was a feast indeed. All of us had a great time and we were all heavier compared to the time we came. Food was OK, service was fast, soup was a knockout! Our belly was over-filled. Everyone was happy. Something that suits 'once in a blue moon' theory. Pure delight. Wonderful journey. A 3.5/5.


New Beggar's Delicious Restaurant 
Tel : 03 3279 1936 / 019 317 3687

Note : The above review is purely based on my personal opinion.


  1. Yeah it was worth the trip indeed. Many other makan trips were organised and every trip make us want more.... :D

  2. Wondering will the stall be opened during Chinese New Year? I though of patronizing the stall during my stay in KL from 10th to 13th Feb 2013.

    1. Sorry mate... i was away and had no time to update my blog until now.... hope you managed to patronize the restaurant from the above mentioned dates. Enjoy! Cheers.

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