Monday, February 28, 2011

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant @ G Tower, KL

First day of work after a long one week CNY holiday. It was rather hard coming back for work but it was ok as there will be lot's more food and celebrations. First day back (Chor 6) is an auspicious day to start work and one can see the reason why traffic condition in KL was back to normal that is 'bad traffic'.

Interesting it was for all of us in the office. There was lot's of conversation about what has happened during the holidays coming from everyone who was so eager in sharing. Blah ... blah .... blah ..... But in the end the universal languague kicked in ~ 'let's go for lunch' !

All of us decided to go Japanese to celebrate our 'back to work' after the CNY holidays. We wanted to have something extraordinary and the chosen restaurant was just around the corner where we work ie 'Rakuzen' at G Tower.

Place was pretty cool with it's open concept covering the whole dining floor. There was some 'private' rooms made available for those who wanted to have some privacy. And it was pretty packed with lunch crowd too.

Yee Sang @ RM38.00++
Kick start the event was to 'lou sang' which is a traditional thing to do during CNY. This Yee Sang was very different compared to those sold at Chinese restaurants. It's presentation was superb carrying the Japanese theme with it. Again we decided to go with Jelly fish instead of salmon fish.

It was a joy eating up this plate of extraordinary Japanese style Yee Sang. Tasted very different and tasted very good. Such a pure delight as we were so tempted to have another go. Truly amazing.

Nameko Soba @ RM18.00++
This bowl of Japanese noodle was so mouth watering and simply irresistable. It was 'wallopped' by all of us and finished in world record time and everyone loved it. Noodles was well cooked and the soup was so yummy. And we even wanted to order another bowl which we decided not to as we still have our set lunches to 'makan'.

Sukiyaki Zen @ RM30.00++
My all time favourite ~ Sukiyaki Zen with it's tender thinly sliced beef was truly amazing. I couldn't resist the portion of this set as it was huge. Gambate ! The aroma filled the room and all eyes was staring at it. It was just incredible when I had my first slice of beef .... oooh lala..... In the pot incl some green vegetable and some mushrooms. Soup was simply delicious which went very well with the bowl of rice.

There was a bowl of raw egg which is used to dip the hot beef slice so it will cool the temperature down which in order for it to be 'mouth friendly'. Beef was not overcook simply because it was thinly sliced and tasted really really good.

Came with it was a cup of 'Chawamushi' which was steamed egg. Simple and nice indeed. A favourite of mine too and again wanted more! But judging the portion of this set ..... prevented me from having another cup.

Chicken Teriyaki Zen @ RM22.00++
Another one of my favourite this chicken set also comes with a cup of 'Chawamushi'. The teriyaki chicken tasted simply amazing and goes well with the bowl of rice. It was slightly sweet but it was ok though. Chicken was not overcooked and was succulent which makes it incredible.

Sakura C Zen @ RM30.00++
This set is a consists of raw fish and squid and some tofu. Portion again was huge indeed. Since raw stuff is not to my liking it was hard for me to really give a positive comment but judging from what my colleague had to say, this set was fabulous. Raw fish and squids was fresh which is important for raw dish. Came with it was some teriyaki sauce and some wasabi. Goes really well with it though.

Chicken Katsujyu Zen @ RM22.00++
This set consists of some fried chicken cutlets topped with egg sauce served with white rice and a cup of miso soup. Ichiban indeed. It's aroma was so rich that I had no choice but to tax some of it from my colleague. Nom .... nom ..... fantastic! Chicken was tender yet succulent but I found the egg sauce rather dominating this whole dish. It was OK though depending on individuals taste buds.

Sushi Unagi Zen @ RM42.00++
For those who love to chew on some hand rolled sushi and stuffed your mouth with some teriyaki smoked freshwater eel, this set would be a dream come true. GOod for big eaters though as this set is set to make one's belly bloated! LOL.

Dipped the sushi into the special sauce mixed with some wasabi ~ kawabanga !!! ichiban !!! but not itchy bawah. LOL. As for the eel ..... I found the teriyaki sauce to be over dominating. Maybe it's the way it should be or maybe I was not used to eating this dish but somehow ...... all I could taste was just the sauce. Anyhow eel was pretty good but this is not something I would like to eat too often as eel contains a very high percentage of mercury which is harzadous to human body.

Conclusion : I like the environment, the feel of this restaurant, and service was pretty good indeed. We were a little disappointed as it took them awhile to serve us our set lunches. Set lunches was supposed to be served like the speed of 'fast food' but it was otherwise. Food quality was at it's best and all of us walked away with a happy face and a full load belly. A little costly and not too pocket friendly. A 3.5/5. Gambate!!!

Rakuzen @ G Tower
LG 05 & 06
G Tower
199, Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 2161 4800

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