Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dragon Star Seafood Restaurant @ SS1 PJ

Gong Xi Gong Xi...

Ang Pow lai, Ang Pow lai ......

Oh well, those were the good old days when I still get those lovely red packets during Chinese New Year. But this year is totally different taking a 360 degrees turn. Instead of 'taking' it's all about 'giving' now. :s

This was the 3rd day of CNY where my wifey's good friend and a family friend will be joining us for lunch. It's always difficult finding a restaurant that is in operation during this period. We had to make a few calls before we decide where to go.

It was way past 12pm and zoom .... off we went to this Chinese restaurant situated in SS1 PJ by the name of 'Dragon Star Seafood Restaurant'. Upon arrival we were unable to find a table on the ground floor but luckily they have an upper level to cater bigger crowds.

All of us decided to go for some simple foodie as we have been eating 'Chinese food' day in day out for the past few days since the eve of CNY. This is a plain case of 'too much of a good thing is not good at all'.

Yee Sang @ RM40.00
This 'Yee Sang' portion was pretty huge indeed which was a delight to start off this food feast for the eight of us. As usual the tradition is to mix all the stuff on the plate and while mixing one should make a wish as we Chinese believed this wishes will come true.

This particular Yee Sang comes with 'Jelly Fish' instead of the normal 'Salmon Fish'. After all the mixing and all the wishing it's time to munch them all up. My oh my ... it does taste good. All of us was delighted with it's taste and this whole plate was finished to it's last strand.

Vegetable @ RM12.00
Vegetable @ RM12.00
Since we decided to have rice for lunch ordering a handful of different dishes will be the best thing to do. We had two different types of vegetables (sorry cannot remember it's name as they have given special funky names). Both of the vege dish tasted really really good. No complaints at all as all of us was delighted with it.

Bean Curd @ RM12.00
The house special bean curd was superb. From it's aroma to it's presentation and to it's taste everything was just perfect. Not too salty, not too hard nor soft just perfect with some minced meat and spring onions sprinkled above the bean curd only enhances the taste and quality of this dish.

Marmite Pork @ RM20.00
It will be incomplete if we didn't order a pork dish especially during this CNY period. Marmite pork was the prefered dish and again we made the correct choice. When this dish was brought to us we could already smell it's aroma from miles away. We were already drooling when this lovely plate was placed on the table.

True enough it tasted really good but I found the meat to be slightly overcooked as some of the bite pieces was really hard. But nevertheless it's delicious yummy sauce managed to make all of us forget about the negative espect of the meat and we were 'wallopping' this dish like Mike Tyson punching on it's opponent. Time to 'tambah nasi'! Oh blimey there goes my waist line..... :s

Ginger & Spring Onion Fish Fillet @ RM15.00
Something specially for the kiddos. This lovely delicious plate of fish fillet was the perfect gift for the kiddos. Somehow kids just loved this dish and hey they just wallop it as there is no night nor day. It was another yummy dish indeed even coming from the adults who was left with only a few strands of spring onions and fillet. Gambate!!!

Assam Fish @ RM41.00
Now for the biggies...... assam fish was brought to us with the red carpet rolled down. Ta.daa...... Viola !! Droooool..........  Assam tasted perfect, fish was perfectly cooked, portion was HUGE, and it's nice to see some ladies fingers as part of it's package. Lovely indeed. Marvelous !! Adik tambah nasi lagi !!!

Conclusion : This is one hell of a good CNY luncheon and one that I will never want to forget. Food was superb with a little hick-ups here and there but it's just minor ones which can be corrected and improved. Service was pretty OK-lah considering this place to be pretty crowded. One thing that we didn't like was the overwhelming smell of CLOROx which was used far too much to clean the floor. We nearly suffocated when we stepped in but had no choice lah. We paid RM186.80 for this lovely meal and I reckon the pricing to be pretty fair-lah. FYI, this restaurant is a popular eating place in SS1. Burp!!! eewww...... sorry! A 4/5.


Dragon Star Seafood Restaurant
No 54A & B
Jalan SS1/22
Kampung Tunku
Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03 7877 6673


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