Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tosca @ Doubletree Hotel, The Intermark, KL.

'I want to have some Italian food' shouted by me. It has been some time since I had Italian. I have always loved the food and the craving for Italian was so intense. It was only 10:30am and we just don't know where we can have Italian at such hours.

We were at The Intermark and decided to peep into Doubletree Hotel,  Tosca Italian Restaurant. The desire to sink into a plate of pasta was blinding me. We were trying to stay calm and optimistic on our way up to level 10 where the restaurant was situated. What if the restaurant is still not open for business at this hour?

We made our way past a spa centre, the gym and the pool ~ and found the restaurant to be opened and was greeted by it's staff. We were told that the kitchen only starts operating at 11am but we could still order some food from it's 'pool menu'. FYI the pool menu foodie comes from the hotel's kitchen.

Tosca does look good. I was taken aback by it's beautiful interior ~ from it's beautiful table to it's lovely looking rattan chairs to it's beautiful timber layed ceiling which makes this place really cosy and comfortable. And with the Hotel's pool by it's side sharing the same floor, this restaurant is just the perfect spot for 'couples' to have a romantic time with their loved ones. And they do have some promotion this Valentine's day. Check them out for more info.

From it's 'pool menu' we decided to go for some non-Italian foodie (there was no option as the kicthen was still closed). Oh well ..... it wasn't that bad though ..... a beef burger and a chicken sandwich.

It took them quite awhile to bring the food to us as it is coming from the hotel's kitchen. But it was ok as we found ourselves to be in a relaxing mood enjoying both the view and the conversation.

Chicken Sandwich
Our order was finally brought to us. First to come was the 'Chicken Sandwich' served with some fries and coleslaw. The first thing that caught my attention was it's portion. At least they did not stinge in this area. Coleslaw tasted pretty good as well as the fries. The sandwich itself was delicious. With some chicken breast meat accompanied with some luttuce and fried egg this sandwich is a winner.

Beef Burger
The beef burger was superb and I was impressed with it's presentation. Portion again was huge and I was totally delighted with it. The beef patty was house made accompanied with some luttuce, cheese, an egg and a sesame bun. Came with it was some fries and coleslaw.

I was rather disappointed that the burger doesn't taste as good as it's look. Or maybe I was expecting something spectacular. It still taste good though but the patty was rather dry. But somehow I just fancy it's combination especially the egg with it's yolk still intack. What a beauty. 

Pasta in Tomato Sauce
It will be a sin not to order a plate of pasta when dining at an Italian restaurant. It was already way past 11am and we were told by the waiter that we can have something from their own kitchen. Somehow we were pretty full but ........

Another disappointment though. The fettuccine was over-cooked and the tomato sauce was just too watery (not enough zing). Prawns was not fresh. The only thing that managed to impress me was the scallops. This plate could be better if the chef put in more personal effort into it if you know what I mean.

Conclusion : Aye for it's beautiful interior, decor, atmosphere, service but otherwise for it's food. Remember only the pasta came from their kitchen. As for those that came from the hotel's kicthen, both the sandwich and burger was pretty good. Even though the only plate of pasta we ordered was a huge let down but I do not mind coming in for another round as I really would like to experience more on their food. As for today a 2/5 for the pasta & 3/5 for the sandwich and burger.


Tosca @ Doubletree Hotel by Hilton KL
Level 10, Doubletree Hotel Block
182, Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 2172 7272 

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