Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tony Roma's @ Cineleisure, The Curve, PJ.

Oh! What a night! Late December back in '63..... wow~sers, this song kept on playing in my head over and over again. There was a time when I was totally crazy over this song where I kept singing day in day out forcing my lungs to work the extra mile to achieve the melody.

Oh! What a night! Yeah! I am referring to this evening's 'makan makan' with my in-laws. Would you believe it that this is my first time stepping into 'Tony' and frankly I do not know what to expect. I have heard lot's about this place dishing out finest meaty dish in town ranging from it's 'ribs' to 'shanks'. In fact I was rather over excited about this venture this very moment.

The main entrance to this place looked pretty grand I just love the fact the size of this restaurant's name was huge enough for a blind to spot it. And it also says it all 'ribs, seafood, steaks'.

It was pretty crowded and we had to wait for 5-10mins in order to be brought to our table. I must say that the service here was quite excellent, for a start.

Since we will be sharing food this evening we decided to call for the 'captian' for his professional recommendation. He was a huge guy and was pretty helpful though as he ran through the menu with us and was making sure that we made the right choice.

Tony's Asian Salad with Crisy Chicken @ RM19.90++
Asian salad ..... hmm...... was rather amazed with it. Never had I thought that an Asian dish could be so beautiful yet delicious.  Mix both the sauce of sweet and spicy and viola ...... a really fantastic salad. Frankly I am not a salad man but this particular one really aroused my taste bud.

Shrimp Scampi Pasta @ RM31.90++
The presentation of this plate of pasta was such a delight. A generous portion of shrimp sauteed with garlic, fresh basil. tomato pesto and a hint of chipotle. Served over linguine and top with shaved Romano cheese. Beat that! Wonderful thunderous plate of pasta. Superb!

BBQ  Half Chicken @ RM29.90++
 This lovely plate of chicken was served with some coleslaw and french fries. I found the chicken meat rather hard suspect from over cooked and also dry. It was a such a waste as it did not match the standard of 'the look' to 'the taste'.

Grilled Lamb Chops @ RM46.90++
Lamb chops was great considering it still carries the lamb stinking smell with it. LOL.....  Well marinated and was very tasty indeed. Meat was rather tough but what do you expect from a lamb chop. Goes very well with some greens in this case broccoli.

Bountiful Beef Ribs @ RM69.90 (Full Slab)
Bountiful Beef Ribs came with an option of either with full slab or roma rack. With 8 of us here it was a wise decision to order the full slab that came with 10 great freaking beef ribs. This is one hell of a dish and it will take all our mighty strength to finish off what we ordered.

Again the ribs was well marinated and meat was tender and succulent. Well done lads for making this a thunderous dish. It was so delicious that my mind wanted more of this super ribs but my belly just couldn't afford to have anymore 'deposits' . LOL Served with some coleslaw and steamed potato.

Conclusion : Wonderful indeed but rather too much meat in one go. Or maybe we could have ordered less meat and more greens but it was worth it. FOod was pretty good especially the beef ribs but the chicken dish was a big letdown. Oh well don't expect one single restaurant to dish up 100% perfect dish as I have never believe in such theory. Service was pretty good considering most of the floor staff there were part timers. But this place will surely leave a very big hole in your pocket as it is not cheap to dine here. A 3/5.


Tony Roma's @ Cineleisure
Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara
2A, Jalan PJU 7/3
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7728 7833

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