Friday, February 25, 2011

Restaurant Siu Siu @ KL.

Never had I realised how tired I was. Days passed by like the speed of light. Before the holidays started there was full of hope that there'll be enough time for me to relax my tired body. But it was totally the reversed.

This years' Chinese New Year was full of gatherings, full of visiting, full of 'HUAT', full of food and full of surprises too. A couple of friend from Vietnam was in Malaysia for a holiday and it was a pure pleasure to have met up with them. As usual food will be the universal languague for us to proudly promote what this country is famous for and is the fastest way of communication. LOL.

When the sunshine turns into darkness it was time for us to make our way to 'Restaurant Siu Siu' which is located in Kuala Lumpur which was a stone throw away from the famous 'Tin Hou Temple'. We had to call this restaurant to pre-booked our table and thier famouse 'Claypot Crab Rice' as demand was overwhelming.
Yee Sang
To kick start we had 'Yee Sang' which came with jellyfish instead of salmon fish. As usual we did the routine of mixing the Yee Sang and lot's of wishes was made prior to it. Our dearest Vietnamese friend was amused and amazed with it.

Again it was time to globble all the Yee Sang up. Yummy ! What's the secret of this year's Yee Sang ~ all tasted good indeed. I personally gave 2 thumbs up for it but our dearest visitor was finding it hard to 'accept' the taste. LOL.

Famous BBQ Pork or 'Char Siew'
Next in line was their famous 'Char Siew'. We were told that this restaurant serves one of the best 'Char Siew' in town. But somehow I just find it to be OK-lah. Boleh tahan only lah. Meat was pretty succulent but just lack the 'kaboom' effect. Not the best I've tasted ~ still have room for improvement.

Claypot Crab Rice
The much anticipated pot of rice was finally brought to us. The aroma was just fabulous but ... I was disgusted with the portion as there simply was not enough to feed 8 adults. We had to 'control' our rice intake otherwise there simply won't be enough. And the crab that came with it was rather disappointing too. I didn't know that crab existed from Euthopia. So crappy indeed.

Luckily the rice tasted really good. Add a little soy sauce with some bird chilli and garlic to it ~ viola ..... darn delicious and darn yummy. As for the crab ..... below average.  How did this pot of crap rice oops .... crab rice became a winner at this restaurant???!!! Probably only crappies dine there. LOL

Fried Noodle
This plate of fried noodle must be from the same 'clan' as the claypot crab rice. Looks good but taste just average. There seems to be lot's of average Joe in this restaurant, eh . LOL

Beancurd with minced meat
This beancurd dish is also their house specialty. Fried beancurd was a pleasure to be eaten as the it is soft inside even though it was fried. With the special sauce which was mixed with minced meat and chopped long beans this bean curd was truly a winner. It was finished before I could take a second look. That's how good it was. Not too salty which was to be applauded this tofu gets a 2 thumbs up from us all.

Green Green Grass of Home .....
It was time to go green with this plate of garlic fried vegetable. Simple yet delicious. I have always loved such dish as it was much healthier.

Fried Squid
Lastly was the red coloured plate that bring to us the 'Fried Squid' ... tadaa....... Tadaa..... from how it looks but not from how it tasted. Hey there's another average Joe here. Squid was over-fried which makes it hard to chew. You'll probably need a hammer to get through them. LOL. Not only that it tasted bland too. A no-no indeed.

Conclusion : It was nice to have our dearest friend from Vietnam but it was rather a disappointing decision for dining at this restaurant. What we had today was horrible .... as I've heard so much about this place dishing out yummy foodie. But not today though. Could it be because the crowd was too much to handle? It doesn't matter as food was crappie. A 1.5/5.


Restaurant Siu Siu
15-11, Lorong Syed Putra Kiri
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 016 370 8555 / 016 309 8039

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