Thursday, August 12, 2010

Upperstar Steak & Chicken Restaurant @ Lintas Plaza, Kota Kinabalu.

Well decorated walls and ceiling

This place is really amazing. I was in loved with the set-up of
this restaurant the minute I stepped in. I was totally
mesmerized with it's decor and couldn't stop myself from
admiring it. The colourful domes and paintings .... 
just unbelievable coming from a restaurant.

My client frequent this place pretty often especially for 
lunch. Besides the colourful setting of this place their menu
looks colourful too. Lot's of varieties from Asian to Western

It was close to 1pm when we made our way there. Finding a
parking space stressful experience but we were really lucky
to get one. 

Lady luck was with us again since we managed to find a 
seating for the 4 of us. Yeah, it was crowded with lunch
seeking client.
Thai Fried Chicken Rice
I left it to my client to place the order for the 4 of us since
he's familiar with what's good and what's not. 
The Thai Fried Chicken Rice is really yummy. It is both
spicy and sour which makes this dish really appetizing.
The fried chicken tasted really good especially when
you eat it with the spicy/sour sauce. 
Truly 5 star.
Curry Chicken Rice
My client specifically ordered the Curry Chicken Rice for
me as this is one of their signature dish.  
It's curry was cooked in Indian style with lot's of
spices and curry powder in it together with star anise and
coconut milk.
The curry chicken tasted really good even though it is not
spicy. The chicken meat was slightly touch which is a 
sign of overcooked.

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Then came the Hainanese Chicken Rice which was very 
well presented. The rice was very aromatic, chicken was
tender and smooth,  a bowl of clear chicken soup.
For dips - pounded chili, minced ginger and sweet soy 
Really delicious!!! 

Bill was pocket friendly too. All the above plus 5 glasses of 
ice lemon tea plus tax ... Ka Ching.....RM39.00

And yeah did I mention??? The table which we were seated came 
with a computer system c/w FOC internet 
compliments from the restaurant. 
Can you believe this??!!

It is only available for selected numbers of tables. You can 
dine and surf your favourite site at the same time or 
watch a movie or keep your kids accompany while
enjoying your food.
COOL isn't it!!!!


Upperstar Steak & Chicken Restaurant
Lot 97, 98 & 99, Ground Floor
Lintas Plaza, Phase 2C
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Tel : 088 233 636


  1. The price is very cheap. Good value. How far is it from the city?

  2. Yeah, really value for money. Pretty good environment too. Well I would say it's not really far from the city. Lintas is a pretty cool place and you can get there in less than 10mins I reckon.


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