Monday, August 9, 2010

Pangkor Fish Head Curry @ Taman Megah, PJ.

Back in 1989 when I was still at a very young and tender age I was introduced to a very lovely eatery that serves good fish head curry. This place was situated in SS2 at the intermediate corner shoplot same row as AmBank. If I am not mistaken they are one of the pioneer in this business dishing up fish head curry back then.

They later moved to another location in SS2 but this time it was in an intermediate shoplot which is on the same row as 7 eleven. New premise new environment but the food still tasted as good as before.

Yeah I am talking about the current Pangkor Fish Head Curry which is now situated in Taman Megah. I am sure most patrons do not know that this place existed since 1989. This Taman Megah place is the ORIGINAL Pangkor Curry Fish Head. There is another branch in SS15 Subang Jaya but it is managed by a close relative.

It feels good to be dining here again as I was very eager to taste the famous fish head curry which I have not tasted for a long time since they moved to Taman Megah.

This time around 4 of my new buddies came along to explore what this place is good for. Without doubt we ordered their famous fish head curry (RM40), seafood beancurd (RM8), salad chicken (RM14) and kai lan (RM8). And to quench our thirst we ordered umbra sour plum juice (RM3.80) which we finished in world record time.

The fish head curry tasted really good not too spicy and the sourly assam taste is well balanced but felt it lost some 'sting' in it. Not as good as before but still good to be served. It was a pretty big pot which came with lot's of assam curry gravy filled with ladies fingers, eggplant and tofu. And the fish head is really huge. Well worth it. We find it so difficult to resist the temptation of adding another bowl of rice since the curry gravy is so yummy. Yeah.

The seafood beancurd was rather a disappointment. It was so bland..... tasteless and too starchy. The portion was rather huge which was full of Japanese tofu, squid, carrot and mushroom. Unfortunately we did not find it good at all.

The salad chicken may not be good to look at but .........walau...... darn bloody yummy. Seriously I cannot make out what is in it by looking at the picture above. Where's the chicken? LOL. Smiles came back to our faces with this dish. It is very delicious and we were so tempted to order another plate. Highly recommended!

Lastly was the kai lan. This dish can't go wrong no matter how wrong you want it to be. Straight forward dish simply fried with garlic, tasted good, well controlled taste but a little too much oil.

Conclusion..... was a satisfying lunch and still gets pretty good ratings from us all. 3/5. They may not be good with the seafood beancurd but nevertheless the fish head curry will not disappoint you at all and you will forget how cruel the beancurd tasted.


Pangkor Fish Head Curry
No 59, Jalan SS24/8
Taman Megah
Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03 7803 6577

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  1. ahaha this place has been around for many years. used to go there very often especially my family. but since we moved to cheras we seldom go there anylonger. how's the food there now?


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