Sunday, August 22, 2010

Restoran Hup Soon - Western Food @ SS3, PJ.

It has been some time since I had my last 'local' western food. I have always been an ardent fan for this delicacy since a very young age. I reckon most Malaysian are fans for western food in particular the 'local' version of it.

One lovely place which is popular amongst the locals and also those from afar. When one mentioned about western food in SS3 this place will be the first to be shouted. And there is a reason why this place is so popular - value for money good western food and fast service.

A look at their menu will baffle you as there are so many variety of western food served here. It may be a difficult choice to make when ordering but one who is a regular here will know what they want. Famously known for their "Black Pepper Chicken" and "Fish & Chips". The others are equally good and worth a 'chew'. LOL...

The kitchen area is huge, full of space which makes cooking and preparation easy and a joy.

We were being served within 10 minutes upon ordering which is very impressive. Came was the Black Pepper Grilled Chicken and Fish & Chips.

The Black Pepper Chicken came with French Fries, Coleslaw, a couple slices of cucumber & tomato and of course the grilled chicken covered with black pepper sauce.

The black pepper sauce is just marvelous, so tasty you'd want to drink it. LOL. Perfect combination with the grilled chicken. Not to spicy, chicken perfectly grilled yet juicy and fries still sizzling...... tender and succulent.

The quality was extended to the fish & chips too. The fish was tenderly fried served with 'a special sauce', fries, coleslaw, cucumber and tomato. Take a bite of the fish meat dipped with the special sauce and you will be amazed. It is really yummy. I reckon the special sauce consists of shallots, garlic, tartar sauce, etc...

A very satisfying meal indeed. Recommended especially for family outing with kiddos......


Restoran Hup Soon                                                   Working Hours:
(beside Esso / Shell petrol station)                            16:30 till late                       
Jalan SS3/29                                                             Close on Tuesdays
47300 Petaling Jaya


  1. I tried the food in this restaurant & the restaurant behind this rest. I find this rest is better in terms of the food size but more pricey.

  2. Good for you and I believe you must have had a great time there munching whatever you've ordered. Yeah, the portion is pretty huge better than it's closest competitor and slightly pricier too but it's all worth it.

  3. Yeah I agree with you.


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