Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ah Keong Yong Tau Foo Chee Cheong Fan @ Damansara Utama.

For the past couple of weeks or even months I have had the privileged to dine in some really good restaurant across Malaysia. So much good food, high cholesterol seafood, rich food is making me sick of it. I reckon it's about time I go for some local hawker food which I have shunned lately. Come to think of it I really do miss our local Malaysian hawker foodstuff.

I remembered quite clearly many years ago (more than 22 years ago) I used to frequent an eatery selling 'Chee Cheong Fan' at a makeshift shack along a road in Damansara Utama. If not mistaken it's along Jalan SS21/60. This whole street used to be full of eateries all under makeshift shacks. But never judge a book by it's cover. Majority of this eateries are really delicious and some are still in business located at a more appropriate site in the Uptown area. The open air hawker center along Uptown 6, if not mistaken.

This Chee Cheong Fan eatery is still alive and kicking, still manned by the husband and wife team, Mr & Mrs Ah Keong (LOL), this place is called 'Ah Keong Yong Tau Foo Chee Cheong Fan'.

There are so many varieties of Yong Tau Foo sold at his store. Yong Tau Foo is actually stuffing fish paste into stuff as follows: white tofu, ladies finger, chilli, brinjals... and some are fried eg wanton, fuu chook, and some are boiled.  And not to forget the chee cheong fun which came in rolled form or flat form.

They are open for lunch then take a short break and will re-open for dinner till late night. This place is always packed with customers be it lunch or dinner. Most of his clients are die hard clients who have been patronising this place for the past years just like myself. New clients are mostly office workers who works around the vacinity.

My colleagues and I decided to pay Ah Keong a visit today during lunch time. We were lucky to be there early to be able to be the very first in line of the ever growing queue full of lunch hungry mongers.

You can have your chee cheong fun in curry sauce or in sweet sauce with chilli sauce. Both are equally good. Both are equally in demand among the patrons.

It's always a delight dining here and enjoying some local hawker foodstuff which is world famous.


Ah Keong Yong Tau Foo Chee Cheong Fan
Store No 1097
Damansara Uptown Hawker Center
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya.


  1. Frankly, i find it just ok only lar. Nothing great la. And also find in quite mahal lar.

  2. well, one man's meat is another man's poison...... but the 'mahal' part is quite true.


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