Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sri Maju Steamboat @ Kota Kinabalu

The sun has set and the cool breeze has started to come by. Thank God for giving us rain as the heat was unbearable. Things did cool down but the only thing that did not was our appetite for good food. We were still in Kota Kinabalu and it would be a sin not to dine at this special place which serves Steamboat.

Steamboat it may be and may sound just 'so-so'. But this is not any ordinary steamboat where you find at every corner. Yeah they do serve normal steamboat with prawns, fish balls, blah blah blah too. The center of attraction here is their world famous 'Loong Dan Steamboat'.

'Loong Dan' is a type of fish which belongs to the garoupa family. The given name is to differentiate normal size with the giant size garoupa. Loong Dan means giant sized garoupa. LOL....  Each fish can weight more than 70Kg and can be as heavy as 150Kg. This species are very rare and have lived many years in the deepest parts of the South China Sea ocean.

The superiority of this species is the sweetness of it's meat, tender and doesn't have the 'fishy' taste at all. This is why the Loong Dan steamboat here is a-must place to dine. Not to be missed!

The soup is based on clear chicken stock with lot's of chinese herbs in it. The soup is simply delicious since the 'Loong Dan' fish is cooked in it and it is hard to resist the temptation of not slurping the all natural soup. Yeah, it is natural since I do not feel 'thirsty' after consuming the soup, which means it is MSG FREE.

The owner of this restaurant, Mr Philip Goh is from Seremban but ply his trade in KK where seafood supplies are the freshest. This is very important when it comes to dishing out seafood according to Philip.

One funny thing about his clients is that majority are not locals. He has got clients coming from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and West Malaysia. Most of them are hardcore supporters and will pop in for a meal or two whenever they are in KK.

Last but not least don't forget to order their super yummy 'Yam Rice'. Just amazing. Goes very well with the steamboat. Try not to over indulged too much as it can pop your belly burst easily. Yeah it's that good!!!

I've dine here a couple of times now and I seriously do believe that Philip will see more of me in the future. Highly recommended!


Sri Maju Steamboat                                                       Business Hours:
Lot G34, Ground Floor                                                    Mon-Sat  11:30 - 14:00
Kompleks Asia City Ph2A                                                               17:30 - 22:00
Jalan Asia City                                                               Sunday    17:30 - 22:00
88000 Kota Kinabalu
Mr Philip Goh
Tel : 088 447 161 / 016 844 9939


  1. Dont think theres anything like this in KL. Even if there is its gonna be very expensive. I will be in KK tis weekend. Will go there. Thks ahlianahbeng.

  2. I cant wait to try all the places you reviewed in KK.. Looking forward to a fantastic FOOD TRAIL in KK this coming weekend. Good job in posting restaurants in KK too... Yahoooo!!

  3. i think i've seen this place before while staying in Cititel KK. didn't realised their food is so good. did not go in. will try it in my next trip. hope you are right ahlianahbeng.

  4. i am very confident that this place will make you go 'ga-ga goo-goo' over it's food. well.... i did.

  5. "Loong Dan" or giant garupas are cultivated. They are rare because not many are cultivated. Garupas can reach giant size when injected with growth hormone. This has been happening since the 1990s. I got know this because my uni roomate in 1990s studied fisheries in a local uni. He told me of giant garupas and the experiments with growth hormone.

    And restaurant captains always wonder why I refused "loong dan" every time the suggested loong dan .

  6. oh blimey..... thanks for sharing. hope it's not for this case or other cases....:)
    anyway i am sure this doesn't only happens to this giant Garoupas.... others eg chicken, pig,etc.. are fed with growth hormones too.... cause demand is more than supply. human population is growing too rapid.... this is facts of life.


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