Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Din Tai Fung @ Pavillion, KL.

Din Tai Fung.......

I am really honored today to be able to dine at this famous restaurant @Pavilion, KL which was originated from Taiwan. They have another branch @The Gardens, KL.

Food aside....... I found that Din Tai Fung have more than 50 outlets throughout the world and was rated one of the Top 10 Best Restaurant in the World by New York Times, NY.

This place is really fabulous - they actually send their staff to Taiwan for training and some of their staff do speak other languages - world class marque.

I would reckon that they will not be too many of this "Din Tai Fung" around in KL as the Taiwanese believes in quality rather than quantity. Quality can be seen from their floor staff all the way to the food. Don't believe me??? then make a date with Din Tai Fung to prove me wrong.

Ok ..... back to the food we ordered.
Xiao Long Pau & Xiao Long Pau with Crab, to kick start the feast. The chef had to undergo 2 years of training just to make this dish. Every 'XLP' weigh the same and each one comes with "18 pleats". This is their signature dish and frankly it tasted really really good. And the XLP with Crab is made of fresh crab meat (not frozen)....is out of this world. It's really yummy! and a must!

Next came the appetizers - House Special Appetizer & Japanese Cucumber. My Kiwi mate loved both of this dish (he's a sucker for appetizers). Both dishes tasted 'sour' which live up to their name (appetizer). I was longing for more food ............. dang~!!!! there goes my waist line. :)

Before we knew it the lovely waitress was serving us with 'Shrimp & Pork Dumplings', 'Pork Chop Fried Rice', 'Baby Green Beans with Minced Pork'.

Almighty God!!!! We were really spoil for choice.... all this yummy food. Dang!!!

The Shrimp & Pork Dumplings just melted in my mouth and they had no chance of escaping, LOL. Yeah it's really that good. My Kiwi buddy found it really good and had a second go straight away.

Pork Chop Fried Rice is another famous dish being dished out. Me, a sucker for pork, find this meal to be 5Star! Yummy ... all the way down to my belly. We were told that this dish tasted even better if consumed in Taiwan as the pork they use there is different from the ones used in Malaysia. It's tastier and more 'fragrant' indeed.

The rice went well with the vege - Baby Green Beans with Mince Pork. It was perfectly done - not too overcooked as green beans can be easily overcook. And not too salty too - just perfect. The aroma of the mince pork really give this dish an extra 'zing' which makes it really good. My Kiwi friend was apparently fighting for more share as he has never tasted such good food before.

Last but not least, for dessert, we had 'Sesame Bun' and 'Red Bean Dumplings'. The Sesame Buns tasted so super as it is like biting into a bar of chocolate. For the Red Bean Dumplings tasted equally good (must be consumed while hot).

Conclusion : This place is a must!!! not to be missed!!! Even though traffic can be a 'pain' especially in KL but you will be rewarded for all the trouble getting there.

Pavilion or The Gardens, both are well controlled in terms of quality. We were told that the crowd over at The Gardens can be quite bad. But if you are looking to dine privately, Pavilion outlet provide 1VIP room for such occasion.

I'll be making another round there most likely to The Gardens.....

Gardens : 03 2283 2292 ~ Lower Ground Floor, Lot LG-207
Pavilion : 03 2148 8292 ~ 6th Floor Lot No. : 6.01.05



  1. Go DIng Tai FUng also didnt call me ... Left me to eat in food court...Sad.. ;(

  2. Been to the one in Midvalley when it first opened, my experience was soo horrible I would never go back again~! Just saying.. lol

  3. That's during opening. Now is much better. I like the one in Pavilion. They have private section with interesting chinese renovation.

  4. Oh dear Des.... what happened? Hope it's not the food. LOL. Thanks for your feedback. I will call in the CSI for investigation...Ops Mid Valley.


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