Thursday, July 15, 2010

Deli Terra Garden (Jaya Jusco Mid Valley)

My weekends are usually for relaxation and spending valuable time with my loved ones including my 2 dogs. LOL. But this particular weekend turned out to be otherwise. My fiance wanted to do some shopping at Mid Valley as Maybank is having their annual sale @ Treats Fair.

We were all up and going at 8am and by 9:30am we found ourselves a parking space just beside one of the entrance to level 3. We thought we were there far too early for the fair but ...... just couldn't believe our eyes to see so many people waiting entry to the fair.

Well, we were lucky to be there so early but unfortunately we didn't managed to grab what we came for at this early hour as the traders have ran out of stocks and we had to wait till noon for the new stocks to arrive.

This lead us to this wonderful eatery which is situated in Jaya Jusco - near to the beddings and household areas. This place is called "Deli Terra Garden". Yeah, it's really 'terror' as they served one of the best ASSAM LAKSA in town. And this dish is really 'terror-fying'. LOL

Generally, Assam Laksa originated from Penang. This is one of Malaysia's top hawker food enjoyed by all Malaysians. This bowl of Assam Laksa (Lai Fen) is generously garnished with cucumber, onions, pineapple, bird chili, chunks of fish meat and lettuce. The taste is further enhanced with mint leaves and prawn paste (har koe). This lovely bowl of Assam Laksa is famous for it's tangy and sourish taste and it is a must for those who are there for leisure or pleasure visit. Yummy!

We also ordered a bowl of 'Ipoh Curry Noodle'. This is another signature hawker food that is so popular amongst Malaysians. Curry laksa is a coconut based curry soup served with yellow noodles or beehun or combo of both. This lovely bowl of curry noodle came with generous amount of yellow noodles, shredded chicken meat, long beans, bean sprout, 1/2 boiled egg and tofu. Not too spicy and not too much santan in it. Pure delight!

Besides this two lovely bowls of noodles, there are other varieties of hawker food sold here eg nasi lemak, nasi himpit, rendang chicken, otak otak, etc......

This place attracts a pretty healthy crowd where most of the patrons are there for their Assam Laksa. Each bowl of Assam Laksa or Ipoh Curry Noodles costs RM5.90.

Be sure to be there early to avoid disappointment as their famous Assam Laksa sells like 'hot cakes'.


Deli Terra Garden
Level 3, Jaya Jusco Mid Valley
K Lumpur.

Tel : 03 2284 4800


  1. Ya ya ..... been there many times and the food still good espc the assam laksa. great choice.


  2. Considering they are operating in a mall. Normally malls operated food are just so-so. I reckon due to competition food quality have to be upppp. :)


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