Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nasi Lemak - Restoran Ho Choon Sien @ Damansara Utama, PJ.

This is a typical Malaysian classic for breakfast that has been enjoyed by millions of Malaysians and the number is still growing. Yeah! I am talking about Malaysia's no1 - NASI LEMAK.

This has been my favourite from a very young age and am still loving it. This place which I will be reviewing is situated at Damansara Utama or widely known as Uptown. It's located in Restoran Ho Choon Sien at Jalan SS21/37. Same row along HSBC.

This place is famous for it's 'dim sum' but I am not going into that. There's this old Malay couple - Pakcik & Makcik selling their famous nasi lemak and it's only for breakfast. Close as early as 10 - 10:30am. And yeah this is one of my favourite!

There are lot's of varieties of dishes sold here - beef rendang, chicken rendang, sotong masak merah, beehon, fried noodle, curry puff, fried eggs, vege and the best sambal bawang.

The morning crowd can be quite notorious but bearable. Most patrons are there to 'tapau' or 'bungkus' or in plain english 'take away'. If you are a sucker for nasi lemak then you will surely give this place a '2 thumbs up'. For me they get additional '2 toes up'. LOL....

They really do know how to dish out delicious food as I truly enjoy all of it. The nasi is very aromatic with 'santan' - just a tad too strong. Both the rendangs are not too spicy, not too overcook, taste good but a little sweet. The sambal and sambal bawang is magical!!! Fantastic..... and this is where all the spiciness comes from.

IF you are not a 'rice' person you can opt for the beehon or noodles. It tasted equally good with or without the 'extras'.

You will not feel being shortchanged here and you will leave this place with a full belly and carrying a satisfaction grin.


Restoran Ho Choon Sien
Jalan SS21/37
Damansara Utama


  1. Wei..Tapau for me lar next time !!

  2. OK Ok..... we shall go there someday ...... bring an empty stomach, ya..... :)

  3. hey this place is not bad la. but very expensive to me. and the dim sum also very expensive. but the kids loved it. what to do. LOL


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