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Canoodling @ Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Just can't believe that I have been 'Missing In Action' for almost 1 year. Oh Blimey !!! Thousand apologies to all my followers and readers. Time have not been favourable to me. But I will do my very best to keep on blogging and make it more interesting. - T3T4.

Alright ! Back to business. What's on for today? 'Canoodling' .... at Bangsar ! Yeah, I should start off with this lovely restaurant situated at Bangsar Village 2 which I personally was attracted to.

This place took me by surprise with it's simple yet elegant setup and it's surroundings. It made me feel at home instantly and frankly I was telling myself hoping that their menu and food can be of the same. My fingers was crossed the whole time as I didn't wanted to feel disappointed after a rousing start.

Before I move on to the menu I would like to share some lovely pictures of the place and it's environment. I am sure you will find it cozy, simple and elegant. The theme here is yellow.

The place was pretty packed with lunch mongers and we were told by regulars that the place is always packed. So it will be a great idea to come in early. And I am sure the food is good judging from the crowded place. So, let's move on ....

The Canoodle Oodles of Noodles @ RM11.90++

Marinated Minced Chicken in Dark Soy & Coriander Root
Lettuce Leaves & Coriander and Spicy Coriander Garlic Sauce
Steamed Silken Rice Noodle Sheets
To start off with the dry noodle selection with the funky name 'The Canoodle Oodles of Noodles', darn it I am getting tongue tied by saying it.... This is a greyhound Thailand inspired complicated noodles with stacks of iceberg lettuce leaves & coriander, marinated minced chicken in dark soy and coriander root plus steamed silken rice noodle sheets, each served in it's own bowl with a spicy coriander garlic sauce.

I am getting tongue tied plus tummy growls just by it's name and description of this dish. I would say this will be my appetizer for the day. Even though it can be quite filling. And how do you eat them?

Just like how one will eat a 'popiah'. Yeah, it's the same way but with a different twist of flavor and taste. Remember this is a Thai inspired dish and with it's spicy garlic sauce and all the other stuff that came with it this will be a great start.

To eat, assemble into little parcels and share as you please. Yeah ! this was what was printed on their menu. The guys running this place really does have an artistic mind ... and mind you this dish does tastes good. Really. I am not into such 'wrap and makan' foodie but this really changed my perception on it. Chicken tasted really good and was well cooked and well marinated which is good and top it with the spicy coriander garlic sauce .... viola...... faint ! I am speechless.

Tom Yam Noodles @ RM13.90++
Fiery clear Thai soup made with lemongrass, chilli and galingale served over rice vermicelli with prawns, squids and straw mushrooms.

Who dare to take this challenge! OMG .... omg .... lost of breath. It's kind of spicy but I can take them hands down. Yeah, the broth surely does tastes spicy and sour which lives up to it's characteristic. It does spice up your appetite. Loved it. Truly a hearty meal. Burp!!! excuse me....

Wok Fried Loh Shu Fun @ RM12.90++
After two Thai inspired tongue boggling dish let us move back to some local street foodie, 'wok fried loh shu fun'. This dish can be found all over Malaysia as it is considered one of the famous hawker food which most Malaysian enjoy. Since hawker food in Malaysia is world famous it will be a test of culinary skills whether the guys at 'Canoodling' can dish up a good one.

I am a little worried that my 'taste buds' will fail me. It will be a test for me to dig deep into the taste of this lovely pot of 'loh shu fun' as I have just finished a hearty bowl of Thai Tom Yum noodles. The strong taste of the tom yum still lingers in my mouth and I wouldn't want to mis-represent the 'loh shu fun'.

Munch... munch ..... hmm.... wow.... I was amazed !!! It does taste good and comparable with those along Petaling Street. Really... I really hope it's not a 'one off wonder' thing but the noodle I am having in front of me is really good. Noodle was cooked just right not too soft and the whole package was just lovely. Not too salty (something I really hated)... darn it I just don't know what to say anymore.

Red Curry Duck Confit Noodle @ RM13.90++
Charcoal noodles topped with Thai styled red curry with lychees finished with a whole crispy duck leg and fresh basil.

This is really something special. Curry Duck. I have never tried curry duck before and this will be my first. I love curry and all this time it's either curry chicken, curry mutton, pork curry or beef curry. But not duck. Nevertheless, there is always a first time. BTW this duck noodle is supposed to be one of 'Canoodling' famous dish.

Curry was pretty good since it is another one which is Thai inspired. I would have preferred two duck leg since one is not enough for my indulgence. LOL. The rich aroma of fresh basil take this noodle a notch up and I was totally delighted with the guys from 'Canoodling' for coming up with such a delicious noodle. Now I know how well duck goes with curry!

Braised Duck and Ginger Noodle @ RM12.90++
Another famous duck noodle and this time it is Hong Kong inspired 'yee mee' tossed with aromatic braised duck leg and wood ear fungus in dark soy.

I couldn't make it whether this is a 'soupy' noodle or just 'dry' noodle. It was supposed to be 'dry' but with a little extra broth in it makes it something like 'semi-soupy'. LOL. I think I must be drunk with too much good food here.

Nevertheless, this Hong Kong style noodle is a must! Duck was perfectly cooked and I just couldn't resist the aroma of this noodle. Anything that has 'yee mee' in it tasted good and this is what this noodle is all about.

Conclusion : Everything that is connected to this place is just funky. Funk name for the place as well for the food. Lovely environment. Nice ambiance. Pretty good service. Pretty good serving. Pretty fair pricing. Pretty good food.  Just pretty. Recommended. A 4/5.


2F-29, 2nd Floor
Bangsar Village 2
No.1, Jalan Telawi Satu
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 2287 1566

Note : The above review is solely based on my personal opinion.

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