Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fat Spoon @ Uptown Damansara

I hate it when I need to visit my doctor for a full medical checkup. Hate it because she refuses to take appointments. Hate it because it takes hours before one can see her. Hate it because parking is a nuisance. All this happens in Uptown Damansara Utama.

Everything turned out to be fine and I was so glad for that. It was lunch time and since we were at Uptown Damansara it would be great to have a meal with some friends who works there. A call will confirm the place and viola they were already having their lunch at 'Fat Spoon'.

Never did I realized a restaurant by this funky name manning it's business at Uptown. I used to work at Uptown for 3-4 years but just never come across this place. But truly speaking this place rocks. The owner used quite a number of recycled items as decors for this place and it turned out to be cool. I really liked it and I really hope that the food here tastes as cool as the place.

Recycled Books used as Menu
I was taken aback by their menu. Not because of what is being sold here but I thought we were given some books to read just to fill in time or a gimmick used but actually it is their menu. Really cool and imaginative. Say yes to recycle! Yay!

Fried Ulam Rice @ RM11.90+
Ok... time for some food. And the first to come is their highly acclaimed 'Fried Ulam Rice' which came with a piece of fried chicken. Rice tasted ok as well as the friend chicken. Chicken was slightly over-fried and dry which is a no-no.

Claypot Loh See Fun @ RM8.90+
I would say that this claypot thingy looks better and smelt more delicious compared to the ulam rice. Portion was reasonable with lot's of noodle and an egg meant to be mixed with the noodles. Pretty cool indeed. Somehow I felt the aroma and it's taste differs.....LOL. Oh yeah it does taste good but with a funny tad of taste which was not a norm for a pot of loh see fun. It's kind of difficult to explain but it was ok lah. A little oily though.

Spicy Beef Macaroni Soup @ RM8.90+
Spicy it was and that's all I could taste. Only spicy until my lips went dead. Tasted very very bland and nothing really great about this bowl of macaroni. I bet if I dished up one with my own recipe they will cry for help. Such a lousy meal and they have the guts to sell it. Eeww.....

Iced COffee @ RM9.90+
This is a pure case of 'believe it or not'. A cost of a cuppa is more expensive than a plate of chicken rice. I seriously wonder how they worked out such prices which was crazy. Anyway, this cuppa tasted lousy. Yeah LOUSY! Even an 'Old Town' 3 in 1 white coffee tasted better than this and it only costs a friction of the price. Another eewww.......

Conclusion : Funky place with a funky name and funky decors. Service was pretty good. Food was just so-so nothing spectacular. Drinks was also lousy. Price wise slightly on the high side. Not worth the penny. Would I go there again for another meal? NOPE! A mere 2.5/5.


Fat Spoon
No 73, Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7728 3323

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