Monday, June 30, 2014

Gerai Minum Weng Kee @ Old Town, PJ.

The past weeks or maybe months has been the most hottest spell ever experienced this year. It it totally unbearable as the sunlight stings the body to the core of the bone....that's how hot it is. It has been like 33-35 degree celsius daily.

In such conditions my mind kept telling me that we had to get some ABC to cool down the body temperature and in the same time to satisfy our indulgence in this cool dessert. But then it is not an easy task nowadays to find good ABC. ABC can be found in many places but most of them are really lousy and not worthwhile to spend the penny on it.

Being a PJ boy spending my entire life in this beautiful city has brought me to many places, places that dishes out good food as well as good desserts. And today I will or rather I dared to say that this drink store in The Medan Selera (adjacent to the wet market) PJ Old Town does the BEST ABC in PJ and KL. This place is called 'Gerai Minum Weng Kee'. They are operated by a husband & wife team with a couple of Indon staff to help around. They have been in business for 'donkey' years and has made a name for themselves in the business.

They have a handful of regulars who specifically goes there for their ABC. Besides ABC they are also famous for their Chendol and Iced Bubur Cha Cha. Of course they also serves the normal drinks from carbonated drinks to ice teh Cina.

What makes their ABC so special? From what I can taste the secret is in their 'gula Melaka' but not just ordinary gula Melaka but I suspect it could be a mixture of few different types of 'gula' ... a 'secret ingredient' which makes it so special. And of course not forgetting the blended ice was silky smooth and really fine. Whenever I ate this I always say this 'even Starbucks could not blend the ice as fine as this'.

These ABC's are just unbelievably good and most of the time I will have a couple to really have the satisfaction feel. Otherwise it is like I have betrayed myself by not having more than one. This indulgence in a way is not good for the body system because of the high content of sugar in it. I will have 'sugar rush' after gulping it all. Oh well.....

Next in line is the Chendol. They serve their Chendol in a tall glass or a mug different from others whereby most are served in a bowl just like the ABC.

You can have an option for their regular Chendol or Chendol with red beans. As usual I will choose the latter as it is my favourite.

As usual the key secret to the success lies in the 'gula Melaka' and the fine blended ice. The taste is really inviting ..... true enough it was so inviting that I wanted a third serving.

Conclusion : Undisputed the best ABC in PJ and KL. I have tasted some other that was highly rated eg the one in Kepong but those are really out of the league compared to Weng Kee. Sugar content is at it's highest level and not suitable for those who are suffering from diabetes. A total knock out!!!
I would rate a 5/5.


Kedai Minum Weng Kee
Taman Selera Makan Old Town
Jalan Othman
PJ Old Town
46050 Petaling Jaya

Note : The above review was purely based on my personal opinion.

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