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Xiau Fei Yang Steamboat Restaurant @ Pudu, KL.

The 'makan' scene in Kuala Lumpur has changed tremendously for the past couple of years. It has been encouraging with so many restaurants mushrooming where we 'gila makan orang' were spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out. This is very encouraging as there are many restaurants opened by foreigners which dishes out what's great coming from different countries. And this makes this country a more cosmopolitan country which indeed will do great for the scene.

One particular restaurant I would like to share has been running their business along Lorong Thambi 2, Pudu succesfully. This restaurant is called 'Xiau Fei Yang Restaurant' which serves great China style steamboat and it is owned and run by Chinese (from China). LOL :D

This place has been attracting crowds from both local and tourists from China. Bus loads of tourists from China are being brought to this place for some great 'makan' which is part of the itinerary of major tour company specialising with Chinese tourists.

What is so attractive about their steamboat from my personal point of view comes from their 'broth'. There are 2 different types of broths available and both are equally good and well favoured by the regular patrons. We did opt for both that is 'Herbal Soup' and 'Mah Lat Hot & Spicy Soup'.

Herbal Soup and Hot & Spicy Soup
We were pretty lucky to have found ourselves a table as the place was super packed when we got there and the table which we got was the last available one. And it was only around 7:30pm. We were considered late as most of the patrons has been there much earlier, some half way through their meals and some are actually towards the end of their meals.

The restaurant was super noisy considering how loud Chinese from mainland China speaks. It was like they were screaming through their lungs for the others to be heard. Unbelievable. My apologies if I were being rude with my comments.

The decor of the place is very simple. A combination of big round tables and smaller square tables covers the entire floor. Nothing fanciful about the decors too. It's all about 'go for the kill' and 'leave'. LOL.

We had to wait awhile for the waiter to serve us since the place was packed and .... their service was just ok. You have to be fluent in Mandarin to communicate with the waiters as they do not speak any other language known to Malaysians.

Sure enough the broth was superb. It taste very different from the other steamboat restaurants and it has plenty of spices and aroma in it. Most of the ingredients were imported from China which make sense why they are able to pull in ther crowd and have quite a huge number of followers.

I personally preferred the 'Herbal Soup' over the 'Hot & Spicy Soup'. Not that the latter is horrible but the former was just 'amazing'. It tasted 'weired' at first but then when my 'tongue' got a hang of the taste there was no holding back. It was amazing, really. I wished I could pen it down how 'amazing' it was but I just couldn't find the words to describe it. You will have to try it to believe it.

As for the 'Hot & Spicy Soup' it was Sezhuan style which can be very spicy indeed. Lot's of spices were being used too and that what makes them so good and of course taste different from the 'everyday' steamboat you get from other restaurants.

They have a wide variety of food that you can chose to endulged in. What I know of is that they have some really cool 'beef ball' with fillings which is a must to order. I cannot remember the name of it but the waiters will be able to assist you.

From the crowd favourit 'beef slices' to chicken to fish to anything you can think of that is edible ... and yeah they have 'pork slices' too. Now, that's my favourite. I am going to show you what we ordered and it sure does makes a wholesome meal. Enjoy!

Pork Slices
Beef Slices

Conclusion : I wasn't sure about whether I liked it or not but the longer I am involved the more I liked it. I drank a few barrels of the herbal soup which made me super full. Yeah, I liked it. I wished the waiters there could speak a word or two of English or Cantonese or Malay. That would be really helpful. I find dining at steamboat restaurant to be pricey. Considering what we are eating or what we ate. I would prefered to spend the money on a proper meal with meat and fish and vegetables and tofu and whatever on the table. But then again it's different and incomparable. I would recommend this place to steamboat lovers and for those who doesn't it's worth an experience. And this is NOT a halal restaurant. A 3.8/5.


Xiao Fei Yang Restaurant
No.18, Lorong Thambi 2
55100 Pudu
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 2142 6789

No.40G & 42G
Jalan SS21/62
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 03 7728 7633.

Note : The above review is purely based on my personal opinion.

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