Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pan Mee @ Kedai Kopi Hoh Piah @ Sg Way, PJ.

Frontage - Entrance
Business was as usual on a sunny late Tuesday morning. Lot's of emails to clear and lot's of inquiries to attend to. Sure was busy and was looking towards lunchtime for a break. Just as the thought came to my mind a 'WhatsApp' message was beeping on my tab. The message was from my childhood friend Brian beeping myself and another couple of other buddies for lunch. Perfect timing and he even suggested where and what to have for lunch. Brian even volunteered to pick all of us up which we were more than glad to accept his generosity. It was brilliant as we usually have problems with it.

Brian mentioned that today's journey will be driving to Sungei Way in PJ for a good bowl of 'Pan Mee' and 'Iced Kopi'. The first words that came out from our mouth was 'Huh! Are you sure ar Brian.... pan mee wor .... Sg Way wor..... sure or not ...... good meh?'. It was like a 'trivia question' from all of us because none of us ever heard about a good pan mee in Sg Way. This is going to be a great adventure for all of us.

Varieties of Pan Mee
And indeed it was an adventure. Do not expect this 'Pan Mee' to be operating in a shop lot or sorts like that. Our journey brought us to some nearby houses in the housing area and viola we have arrived. This 'Pan Mee' store is operated from a house where the boss is a young middle age man who personally does the 'kopi' himself whereby the Pan Mee was manned by a few good aunty.....

Lunch crowd was over as we arrived the place close to around 14:00 hours. It was good as we preferred to dine in such conditions...... you know service can be much faster and better.

We wasted no time with our orders which consists of 3 bowls of 'Bak Kut Teh Pan Mee' and 1 bowl of 'Dry Chilli Pan Mee'. Of course not forgetting the 'kopi ping' for all of us.

Yeah! Their varieties are pretty awesome eh.... but of course they also serve the normal pan mee and others like 'spicy soup pan mee', 'tom yum pan mee', 'herbal soup pan mee', etc...... A must try too. We heard the herbal soup pan mee was good too.

Kopi Ping
We were taken aback by the taste of the kopi ping. It was fantastic and the best I have ever had. It was really a knock out! An upper cut blow with the first sip and a TKO with another few sips. Coffee was indeed aromatic and must give credits to the boss who managed to make such a good cuppa or in this case a good glassa..... with the right combo and mixture of sugar and condense milk and whatever..... Dang!!! What can I say about this kopi ping. A must have!!!

Bak Kut Teh Pan Mee with 'Yau Mee'
Bak Kut Teh Pan Mee with 'Chou Mee'
We could smell the aroma of the Bak Kut Teh pan mee even before it was brought to the table. The aroma was awesome it made me drool.... The broth was amazing which is important. It was really like having bak kut teh but minus the pork, spare parts and rice. Pretty amazing bowl of noodle, really.

Another thing that got the thumbs up from me was they served the noodles in a ceramic or porcelain bowl, those 'made in China' bowl with gold fish imprints instead of plastic melamine ware. To me this is more hygienic and safer as I never can accept hot broth served under melamine ware. You never know what toxic you are exposed to.

Dry Chilli Pan Mee with 'Yau Mee'
I do not know how many TKO's I can handle but this is truly another knock out! Which blew me off the chair. Not too spicy as compared to others but it was the taste that gave me a 'black eye'. This was delicious! And with the right combo and amount of condiments (mushroom and anchovies) spread on top of the noodles .... just sit back, sit tight and enjoy your meal.

We had a good time chatting with the owner and the aunty and when they knew we will do a write up for them they were extremely happy.

Conclusion : I am sure everyone knows better about some of the 'Pan Mee' chain of restaurant that has been mushrooming in The Klang Valley with the likes of 'Jojo', KinKin  or 'Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee'. Little will someone knows or even heard of this Pan Mee store in Sg Way (unless you are residing there). But to me this Pan Mee store in Sg Way with the name of 'Kedai Kopi Hoh Piah' is a 'Jewel of the Crown'. The place may not be high class but the food is. Highly recommended  and not to be missed. And please don't forget the 'kopi ping' too. A 4/5 and 8 thumbs up from all of us. And this is non-halal.

Thanks Brian for the intro and invite.


Kedai Kopi Hoh Piah                    Operating hours: Tuesday - Sunday.
Jalan SS9A/4                                                                7am - 2:30pm.
Sungei Way
Petaling Jaya.

Note : The above review was purely based on my personal opinion.

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