Monday, April 11, 2011

Kin No Mizu @ The Intermark, KL.

The Intermark formerly known as Yow Chuan Plaza is full of new ventures since the whole building underwent a massive renovation. The building has been fully revamped and has a new look which is 'upmarket'. Pretty impressive and it even have Hilton's Double Tree Hotel occupying a whole wing.

Having an office at The Intermark surely speaks quality rather than quantity. But it could also be a nightmare hunting for food especially during lunch time. It has been a ritual to take a short walk over to Ampang Park for reasonable priced food but having lunch there day in and day out ruined all the excitement. This was when we decided to venture into the new outlets at The Intermark.

A couple of levels up brought us to this lovely looking Japanese restaurant by the name of 'Kin No Mizu - Japanese Dining'. The first impression of this outlet was pretty amazing. The way this restaurant was designed was breathtaking and breathtaking it was as one will have to be very careful when walking around this outlet. Certain parts or areas have so-called man made water alleyways which could be dangerous if one mistakenly steps into it.

The whole place was full of blue lights which makes the environment cozy. Table settings was impressive too with a couple of long tables to suit big crowds and they even have a private room to cater for private function. As for food, they have a handful of set lunches which was very impressive. All set lunches comes with an appertizer, Chawan Mushi, Miso Soup, Pickles, Rice and Dessert. 

Sashimi Set @ RM38.00++
This 'Sashimi Set' was full of praised as the portion was enough for an adult. Freshness was guaranteed as the thinly sliced salmon and other seafood was superb. Presentation was beautiful as always since this dish has been served in the most beautiful ways as one can think of.

Unagi Set @ RM35.00++
Beef Teriyaki Set @ RM32.00++
Grilled Saba Set @ RM23.00++
All the other sets that came was very impressive too. Beef teriyaki was delicious and succulent. It was done the way we wanted and we were not disappointed. Grilled Saba tasted really good too and also grilled to near perfection. Unagi was slightly salty but goes well with rice. Same goes for the grilled Gindara which amazing too. Pure delight.
Grilled Gindara Set @ RM35.00++
Chawan Mushi
Salmon Temaki @ RM12.00++
Soft Shell Crab Temaki @ RM15.00++
I really enjoyed the Chawan Mushi and wanted to have another bowl but I was just too over fed. The texture was just so-so as I've tasted even better ones but the taste of it really bring joy to the table.

As for the 2 different Temaki, I truly prefer the soft shell crab over the salmon. Very simple .... it's because it tasted better. LOL.

Conclusion : Nice environment, good service, good food, good portion, expensive. A 3.5/5. And yeah they have an outlet over at Bangsar Village and one over at TTDI Plaza. Check them out.


kin no mizu ~ Japanese Fine Dining
The Intermark Branch
Lot 211, Level 2
The Intermark
182, Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03 2166 2888


  1. Wuahh.. very supportive. Going Japanese all the way.. wanna help Japan? Lets go eat Japanese buffet again.. Yeah !

  2. Must eat more Japanese food... we support Nihon through our stomachs..

  3. bravo, bravo ...... well said. yeah they do get my support.


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